Shaylma kumar / medical retaliation of worker

I am fed up with how they are ran I got a refferal from doctor patel since they were family and was with him for years. My roommate after going through mail figured out her friend worked there and got a job at my docotors office ahsley bashley receptionist and kassandra stangle my roomate. The incidences started when she brought up my medical records at marcs bar an grill then you consult with the doctor and says we took care of it and then after she lost her job she retaliated with everyone from marcs bar and grill the cardinal fans and chris brown so at this moment I am persuing legal action. Since they would try and hit me on my bike to work and prevent me from getting to work. In addition play the she was the problem. No kassandra broke the law and as a doctor you should of have provisions against hiring on a patients roomate and secondly her best friend is her cube mate that is red flag and fraud activity of medical info and overall hippa violations. Intentionally she knew who I was I was her roomate and friend before that and then to put the blame on me cause I stood up for my self is illegal. Disability rights abuse.

Jul 25, 2018

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