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Shaw's Auto Sales / Ripped off on truck sale

1 Fresno, CA, United States Review updated:

I got a horrable deal on a Dodge dakota. The only thing I thought could go wrong with it was the transmision. It had high miles so I bought a warranty. Salesman did not tell me the warranty did not start for 90 days. We agreed and I got in writing the dealership was going to fix the A.C. and brakes shimmie. We left the truck with Shaw's for three weeks before they supposedly fixed the brakes and AC. I got the truck home and the very next day the transmision started acting up, jurkie and didn't have all gears. I called Shaw's and they told me bring it in, two more weeks went by before I got the truck back. They said it was a bad selenoid. They told me they fixed it and charged me $ 250.00 the third time I actualy drove the truck. Within a week the transmision was acting up again. I refused to take it back to those crooks they don't know transmisions. I spent $2000.00 on a rebuild at AMCO. Why did I spend $1000.00 on a warranty that did not take affect for 3 months. Previous conditions were not covered, Do not go to AMCO the trans still was not right. I ended up repacking the front bearings before taking the truck to AMCO and I noticed that bolts were missing, safety cotter pins were gone, The brake calliper bolts were stripped out. That's another reason I did not take it back to Shaw's for work. Don't shop Shaw's

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  • Ca
      23rd of Aug, 2010
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    I'm having the same feeling with this dealership as well. When I bought my car, I walked in because of a printed advertisement in one of those free car magazines. The car was exactly what I was looking for and the price was amazingly low, I seriously couldn't believe it. I jumped on the opportunity. I had a trade-in that I was SO HAPPY to get rid of. Did all the paperwork and drove off in my new (to me) car!

    The VERY next day I get a phone call from the 'other owner' (apparently the partner or whatever) telling me that I needed to come in to sign more paperwork. I get there and I'm told that the partner that worked the contract with me the day before didn't realize there was prior transmission work done and he couldn't let me have the car for the price the contract was drawn up for. I was floored. The paperwork was done! It was signed, it was done! The price was ADVERTISED! But then he says he could legally cancel the contract...I wanted to punch him in the mouth. The trade-in was an OLD vehicle, it was hard for me to drive (literally physically hurt me to drive it), it wouldn't smog, and I knew it wouldn't sell. My credit needs a bit of work so I couldn't get a loan from any other dealership, which meant the in-house financing they were working with me was like waving candy in a childs face...and they knew they had me in a corner.

    So, basically I end up saying, "What do I have to do to have THIS car?"...I'm sure this is every dealerships dream question. He tells me he can sell me a warranty...this jacks the price up of course. So, new paperwork is drawn up and I leave with the car...

    Since then there was a problem with the thermostat which I took to them to 'fix', but when I got it back the problem wasn't fixed. I ended up having to take it to another mechanic and they found the radiator had a crack in it. We replaced it and it fixed the issue right up. I can say that since then there's only been minor issues with it, but overall I still love the vehicle. I do feel ripped off about this bogus warranty and I'm not happy with how I was treated when it came time for them to fix the car. They treated me like an inconvenience mostly.

    But I guess it comes down to, Would I ever do business with them again? Answer is: I cannot wait until my payments are done with this vehicle and I will NOT be purchasing another vehicle from Shaws.

    Enough said.

  • Ca
      17th of Jan, 2012
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    I posted the above a couple years ago because of how angry I was with how I was treated and especially after how I was treated when I needed the vehicle to be repaired. I can say that since then Shaws has been helpful to me since I've had some major financial issues come up in the last couple years. They have worked with me. I originally came here to remove this complaint, but I'm not seeing where the option is available. However, even though the above is true, and I do still feel very 'cornered' at the time of sale, I would say that Shaws did help me quite a bit since then. I'm nearing the end of my payments, and I thought I'd make an update to my original complaint.

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