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In September 2007 I gave $4, 000 as an investment for the sell of a house on Tarpon Rd. On 9/7/07 an offer was made to South Federal for $85, 000 for a short sell. He said my investment was guaranteed and I would get my money back at closing or the house would be mine. I asked him several times about the sell of the house. He stated it was vary close to closing. When I made the investment, he stated I should get my money back in a month. In November, I got very concerned and I went by the house and it appeared to be sold, but Warnie said it was not. He said I would get 4, 600 back. He has paid $400 and I don't think I will get anymore money. He never said what he did with my money.


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      Feb 23, 2012

    This makes me feel sick as I had four "investments" like this with Warnie Shaw in 2011 and I have not seen a penny back from them. The man is an absolute con-man. Totally dishonest.

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