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Shaw Industries Inc. / Shaw not honoring warranty

1 616 E walnut Avenue / po drawer 2128Dalton, GA, United States Review updated:
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Phone: 1-800-441-7429

I have new carpet that was professionally cleaned by certified cleaner that cosed $400 each time. The technician said that my carpets are under warranty and the stains should have come out and to contact shaw. I did this with numerous run around as it had to be submitted by my installer.

A carpet expert cam and tested the carpet but not in all the area's He tested one site where we had a stain from pop. I told him that we did not attempt to clean it so he could see what type of stain it was and how it could be removed as the other area were treated by the cleaners with a multiple of remedies with no success.

Needless to say they sent a letter stating that their was nothing wrong with the carpet other than waiting to clean. I have never waited to clean my carpet. Its suppose to be stain resistant but I cant get the stain up from orange pop or grape pop. The liquid goes all the way thru. I have stain resistant carpet and the liquid would stay at the top and you could just blot it up. This carpet was an upgrade with the stain resistance and r2x technology. The carpet sucks... it is already matted and stained

I feel that a warranty is never helpful as it depends on the company. Its up to them and if they don't want to pay they give you a run around and your sol.

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      10th of Jun, 2010
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    There is no carpeting that is stain proof. There are certain things that will stain any carpeting. The longer that a spill is left on the carpet, the more likely it is to stain that carpet. If a carpet dealer tells you that your carpet is stain proof, they are lying. I have been in the carpet industry for 20 years, and know quite a bit about carpeting. If you want a more stain resistant (stain resistant, not stain proof), then you will want to pick out a polyester over a nylon. The best way to describe the difference between these products is if you compare them to an apple and a carrot. A polyester is like a carrot, where the color goes all the way through - orange on the outside and orange on the inside. A nylon is more like an apple - they actually dye the fiber to make it the color that you want it, and therefore, the color doesn't go to the core. Because this fiber is porous, and can be stained a particular color to meet your decorating needs, it only makes sense that if you spill something on it, it, too, can be stained. With the polyester (carrot), you have a little bit more "wiggle room" when it comes to stains. With that being said, nylons have tended to be a little bit better when it comes to wear. There is a lot to know about carpeting, and if you don't go to a store that teaches you these things, you will never know! Good luck, and please remember, NO CARPET IS STAIN PROOF, and if someone tells you it is -- they are lying! (Even formica countertops can be stained with mustard! so I guarantee you carpeting can be too!! :-) )

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