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D Sep 19, 2017 Review updated:

Home and Cottage pkg vs. 2nd Home Account - COMPLETE SURPRISE:
I phoned in because our pvr stopped recording 2 programs at the same time. This brought to the person's attention that I needed the service at our Winnipeg home and we also have a cottage location which is where the technician was sent to.  Pierre from Montreal immediately phoned my Winnipeg home saying all our connections were stopped (we have 3 in Wpg and 3 at cottage) until I set up what is now called a 2nd Home Account.  If the Home & Cottage packaged ceased in 2013 (according to Pierre) why were we not contacted or emailed or a letter sent stating this.  I am completely taken aback that all 6 of our connections were stopped.  This is not our fault at all if the Home & Cottage pkg was changing to something else.
While on the phone, I asked Pierre to please stop using the stupid analogies he was giving as to how 2 bills work such as hydro bills etc. because that was condescending.  When I asked Pierre to throw something my way such as another recording pvr or to update the old receivers we have, of course he stated he could not do that as he was from accounting.  Yet its amazing how fast he called me back as soon as I told the customer service rep the technician went to the wrong address.  About 3 weeks ago when the pvr first started acting up a customer service rep sent out a new power source and that came to our Wpg address so why would the technician show up at the cottage?
I extremely unhappy to learn that for the 2nd Home Acct I will have to pay 50% more of the existing cost. Yet Pierre from accounting cannot give me any added bonus such as another recording pvr or upgrade our old receivers.


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      Nov 27, 2017

    I am on hold waiting to cancel. Benn more than an hour. I had the package combined with Shaw Cable and suddenly it quit on me like above. Now I told I need a full package and a 2nd home package. No way. I am cancelling, if theyever get me through to a person. Maybe they feel if I am on hold for a few hours I will just keep paying. Shaw Direct used to be good. Garbage now.

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