shaver dealershipthey wont give me my money back

i bought a care on ocy 4 with 500 down i was called about two weeks later to do a rewrite and i needed 2000 more down so i came that night and brought the money along with doing a new contract they told me the car was already financed and everything was great they cashed the money order on nov. 12, 2008 and nov.16, 2008 there were three men at my door to take my car back. i went to shaver the next day only to find they were closed for business i was able to get through a door that was accidently left open. i was told to speak to shammy (my finance manager) and she told me she made three calls to my phone telling me to bring the car back and i would getmy money back she also told me called from the shaver phone and there was a phone record i told her she was lying and i would prove it, i went back home printed out my cell ohine record because that was the only number they had for work home and business i returned and was finally able to spaek with shammy i showed her my record and she just really looked blank i then asked her to show me her record but now all of a sudden the record is sealed and shipped off (yeah right) i tried to explain to her and maybe u will understand what im saying... if someone called me and said i needed to bring the car back (a car that i am no longer entilted and can be reported stolen by shaver and i will get in trouble for with the police) but i will be able to get my 2, 500 dollars back do u honestly think i would have not taken the car back immediately????? but instead they did not call me so they could pick up my car and not give me my money back. sad to say i was not the only one there that day with the same complaint! how do these people sleep at night taking everyones hard earned money! if anyone needs me please call mt at [protected] lets sue immediately!!!

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