Shark VX3 Vacuum / Cheated, Dishonest SCAM

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Ok, I'm so frustrated and angry right now I'm in tears. I hate when things are so unjust.

In September 08 I bought a Shark Vacuum from an infomercial for $108. They said you could try it for 30 days and return it if not satisfied for full refund.

OK it was a cute little thing but it didn't pick up pet hair so I called them to tell them I was sending it back. They gave me a number to put on the outside of the package for return, which I did put on it.
I then sent it back UPS. I printed from the Internet the recept that the package was received by R. Riga, Chico Californian on Sept. 29. Ok. Good.

Now in November I see that my credit card still has the $108 charge on it. I called the vacuum people back and they said they never received it. "Well", I said, "I have the receipt and it was received by R. Riga on 9/29". He hesitated and mumbled that the charge would be removed immediately. In December it was still there.

I called the credit card company which is Key Bank but Citiband handles their credit cards (I have no idea why.) and I started a dispute of the charge. I faxed the bank all my paperwork including the signed receipt.

Well, In February the bank said the vacuum company was still saying they did not receive the package even though we have the name of the receiver! They said they would continue with the dispute.

Well, now it's April and the $108 is again appearing on our bill. What the heck! I called today and demanded to know why that was. They told me... and you aren't going to believe this... I have to pay it because the company said they didn't receive it.

So evidently receipts with signed proof means absolutely NOTHING! I told them I refuse to pay it and the woman told me... then you will get a $35. late charge for every month you don't pay it and stillhave to pay the full amount of $108. So now we have to pay for something we don't even have.

Does this sound crazy to you too, or is it just me? Any advice is greatly appreciated.

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  • Sw
      Apr 11, 2009

    That's pretty crazy.
    Hope it works out.

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  • Ta
      Apr 22, 2009

    After I got the 2 vacuums, I realized immediately that it did not pick up pet hair and it got stuck when I tried to vacuum a rug that was just a tiny bit high. I called to return and they insisted that I pay the S&H even though I was returning it because it didnt work. I got the authorization number to put in the box, which I clearly typed and now I received just a a few pieces of the vacuum back saying that I didnt include the authorization number. I am absoulutely nuts. I have been on hold every day forever and still have not been le eto get through to a human on the phone. Any suggestion sas to what my next step should be?

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  • Ma
      Feb 24, 2012

    Shark sucks. They charge you $50 for shipping which is very high. And the shipping is non-refundable. They claim you return it and pay nothing, which is not true. You pay $50 for the pleasure of trying out their stupid vacuum.

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