Shark/Ninjagetting a defective sweeper replaced

21 days/7 employees/3.4 hours on hold, to get this resolved. I ordered a Shark V2950 floor sweeper thru WalMart, recv'd 11-17-18. It had a defective dust cup issue, and I called Shark that very same day, I took it out of the box. I have detailed notes on every employee I spoke to including: Name, Employee I.D. #, each respective hold time, and specific notes on each call. Shark's "recorded" customer service line, will verify my notes.
11-17-18 Simon(poor English), misunderstood/misdiagnosed problem. Approx. 20 minute hold?
11-17-18 Issac @ 12:00 p.m. Corrected, guaranteed replacement by 11-24 Approx. 20 minute hold?
11-24-18 Phillipe(1114990)@ 2:30 p.m.(EST). Idiot, intentionally kept me on hold, would not pick call back up, held for 23 minutes, then Phillipe terminated call(This is beyond disrespectful/play the tape). Note: Phillipe had told me he(Phillipe), would connect to Supv.(Cesar?). Never got connected. More about Cesar soon.
11-24-18 Charles(959673)@ 3:00. Asked him to send me a replacement ASAP, give me a yes or no, I wasn't going back on hold. He said he'd transfer me to Supv.(Cesar?). Cesar knew it was me calling back, and the chump didn't have the decency to even p/u my call. I hung up after 31 minute hold. If Cesar is a Supv., he should be terminated for incompetence.
11-24-18 Courtney(1095874)@ 3:44 p.m.. Very nice Canadian lady, sincerely apologized, sent email confirming replacement being sent. Although I was on hold 70 minutes!
11-29-18 recv'd Shark Sweeper V2945Z(wrong/cheaper item)
11-29-18 Nathan(1111826)@ 1:33 p.m. He agreed total imeptitude on Shark, no excuse for this mass incompetence. Asked for overnite replacement, he said his supv. declined, normal delv. only option to replace. Guaranteed replacement no later than 12-6-18. 14 minute hold
12-7-18 Gail(1022360)@ 10:41 a.m. Nice Canadian, very helpful & concerned. I apologized for having to "dump" all the previous peoples mistakes on her. She advised shipment scheduled for delv. by E.O.B. today(didn't arrive as promised). On hold 26 minutes.
12-8-18 V2950 finally arrived.

Dec 08, 2018

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