Shark/Euro-Pro Cordless sv800 & 800C Stick Vacs / Shark SV800 (and SV800C) does not work properly

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I recently purchased a Shark/Euro-Pro SV800 Cordless Stick Vac. I Am not impressed. There appears to be several issues they need to be addressing. Here's the skinny:

1) The vac's dirt cup is way too small. Take a measuring cup, fill it to 1 cup... that is the capacity... even beyond the "Max Fill" line.

2) Roller brushes are way too sensitive, to stop rolling. If I used my bigger Hoover, which I never had to change belts, since I got it used, That would outperform the brushes of this vac. You get minimal hair or threads in the brushes... OR EVEN tip the vac the wrong way - like forward, the brushes stop. This is not supposed to happen this easily. I reset the brushes 2 or 3 times, within 5 minutes.

3) The Battery only works for about 15 minutes. Sure you can get a2nd one, as they recommend, but why waste the money. Afterall, this Stick Vac is not what I would spend more cash on. It's not that glorious.

4) When I had my roller brushes replaced, I had to call a toll free number with someone from INDIA on the other end of the line.

Note that the replacement roller brushes did not solve the problem of the rollers stopping on the slightest bit of hair in the brushes.

I do not recommend this product. 1 out of 5 stars. American Customer service might have made it be a 2 out of 5. The biggest issue: stoppage on the smallest amount of hairs or fibers.


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