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Share Builder / Terrible experience

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This company may come off as looking cheap, but do the math, anything over 1000 share is getting charged 1 and 1 half cents to buy or sell per share! So thats being charged 3 cents per share for penny stocks plus 9.95 to buy and 9.95 to sell. I bought about 3000 shares of a .16 cent stock and my fees for this came to a little more than 27.00, it sold for .18 cents. So there goes most of my profit! To add to the injury, for 3 years I have had login issues, right up to today, plus they now decided that they have to hold my money for 3 days after each sale, and this company does not even give you Real time trade, you have to subscribe to a different company and pay them. There goes more profits... So in my opinion, stay away from ShareBuilder-Ing-direct... go to someone thats been around that offers Realtime trading and has a proper site set up. This is all written under my opinion.

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  • Ro
      12th of Nov, 2008
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    no matter what time you buy a stock trade duing the day.. sharebuilder will not lock in that price until the end of that day ... your price will be the highest for that days trade. I have been duked into this scheme of theirs five times now. even when I bought GM when it was heading down from 11.55 to 10.22 one day .. I placed a trade at 11.05 and from that time on to the end of the day is just went down...however the next business day I was charged 12.30 because I was told there was a micro spike during that day after I placed that trade. YA RIGHT.. alway's seems to work out in their favor. crooks..

  • Ro
      6th of Feb, 2009
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    I just place two orders with ShareBuilder and gave them the account to draw the money from. Guess what?
    A foul up.
    Then the canceled the order and demanded when it got canceled for me to pay the difference when the stock went down, but they would not give me the difference for the other stock that went up.
    A suggest any and all compliants be placed againt them with the proper authorities.

  • Vi
      8th of May, 2009
    0 Votes

    Latest victim of Sharebuilder, This is the worst site i have ever seen in my life.
    I purchased a stock at 0.05 cent for 1000 shares plus 9.95 commission before market opened. Later in the day i check my account its showed negative balance of -1659.95
    I couldnt understand if i dont have enough balance then how can this transaction go through. When i use realtime trading, if i have insufficient balance in my account, it doesnt process.
    The same software can be used for the market order too. Just compare the account holder balance first and then check the market price and if the ammount is less then reject it. But this sharebuilder screwed me. It was terrible experience. I would never recommend anyone to use sharebuilder, use anything but not sharebuilder

  • To
      25th of Jun, 2009
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    I opened an ING Sharebuilder brokerage account on April 8, 2009 at which time I invested approximately $4500 in stocks. I received statements for the next two months and did not suspect anything was wrong with the account.

    On June 22, 2009 I was notified that my funds were withdrawn. The account balance was equal to what I had initially invested, despite the fact that the stocks had earned over 50% since the initial investment. The withdrawal occurred because they were not able to verify all my identity information on my account. A message was placed in my account that I needed to verify my information, but I did not see it. I was never called or sent an email regarding the impending account shut down.

    When speaking on the phone to a manager, he confirmed that all earning from the stocks were kept by ING Sharebuilder. He also confirmed that, had the stocks experienced loses, I would have been responsible for those loses. Essentially, ING Sharebuilder stole approximately $2250 from my account under the guise that they could not verify my identity.

  • Ja
      15th of Feb, 2010
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    My father recently passed away. He had small accounts all over the place with large banks and institutions. No one gave us any trouble closing the accounts and sending us a check (with the usual requirements, death certificate, summary judgment naming my mother as administrator of the estate, etc), except, of course ING Sharebuilder. A terrible company. They keep stalling and will not close the account or send us the proceeds. My mother, brother, and myself have been in contact with them several times, and they keep telling us different things and asking for different forms to be filled out in different ways. Their reps have even lied to my mother about what they have told me to do. I will never invest with them, and will tell everyone else how terrible ING Sharebuilder is. Now that I read these other complaints, I see they are operating a big scam. ING will take your money and do what they want with it.

  • To
      15th of Mar, 2011
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    I had nothing but problem with sharebuilder
    Lost over 6500 one trade
    Purchased trade at 2.00 with a limit when posted at 2.08
    Turned out they bought trade at 2.00 and sold it to me at 2.08
    They made a profit of 6400 inbought 80000 share

  • Lr
      4th of Feb, 2013
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    In August 2012, I began working at a military base in Afghanistan. I changed my mailing address with all my financial institutions, including Sharebuilder. In early February 2013, I checked my account to see if my 1099 was ready and I noticed that I had an urgent message. On January 15, 2013, Sharebuilder sent a message saying that I had to close my account because they couldn't service accounts outside of the U.S. Why did it take so long to decide this? Also, I never received an email, letter, or phone call about this. You would think that for something so important, they would try harder to inform me of this. I wrote back stating that I was still a U.S. resident. They said that didn't matter, the only way I coulkd my account open was if I was active military, which I am not. In the meantime, I had completed and sent off paperwork to Scottrade to transfer the account. That will be better as it will consolidate the accounts. It remains to be seen whether or not Sharebuilder completes there part of the transfer in a reasonably amount of time. They also stated they would waive their $75 account closing fee. I will be checking.

  • We
      7th of Jul, 2015
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    I just file my complaint to the SEC

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