Shane Adams and Sharon Bowmanslumlords

We signed a 1-year lease with these people for an older home. Upon moving in, we noticed that some maintenance had not been performed (windows needed to be reglazed, some windows were cracked and neeed to be replaced, some siding was eroding). This did not worry us, as we were to be here for only a year. Well, very soon, the door knobs on the interior doors started falling apart. A storm blew another window out of the garage. The air conditioner stopped working properly. The entire upstairs was completely unusable all summer. Mice and roaches started coming in thru 2 broken windows in the garage. Maintenance requests could only be submitted via text message to Sharon's personal cell phone.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Kingsport, TN They were totally ignored. Sure, they sent out some AC guys to look at the unit, which kept freezing up and then requiring hours to thaw. The repair guys could not figure out the problem (ancient, inadequate unit) so the owners decided to stop sending anyone out. FInally I reminded them that they agreed to provide heating/AC in the lease and they promptly decided we should move out. We live in a state that, unfortunately, does not have any renters rights. We are being forced out and I just gave birth to a new baby. These people are heartless. They rent to as many people as possible, collecting huge security deposits, then do not maintain the property (whihc is dilapidating) so as to blame the tenants and keep the deposit money in the end.

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