Shamrock Electric / workmanship

incorrectly installed a generator transfer switch on my house for the former owner, who never noticed that the meter was running when the power was out and the generator was on. The indicated that the transfer switch was between the power and the meter- PG&E and anyone with half a brain knows the switch is supposed to be between the meter and the house. first time I contacted shamrock about it, he told me it was impossible that it was wired on the wrong side of the meter. when I finally got him to come out and look at it, he told me it would cost $300 to fix HIS MISTAKE. he blamed the former owner who he said had "rushed him to complete the job." I spoke to the former owner, and he said there was no hurry to complete the job and that the guy was also replacing the "mast" or whatever you call that thing on the roof. well, I am no expert, but that means the power to the house has to be disconnected from PG&E. normally if one is going to add a switch of this type, they just have PG&E pull the meter to disconnect power to the house so one can work safely. It was troubling me because I could not understand how this guy could have got it wrong. well, it was because there was no power to the house! so it indicated to me he just made a simple mistake. but he won't fess up to it. I'd rather pay another electrician MORE to fix this than to deal with this guy. I even offered to split to cost, he would have nothing to do with it. avoid sharock electric.


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