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Shampoo86 Haircut / Stressful, insulting, and unpleasant Service ever. Bad Haircut and bad service

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Stressful Haircut and Horrible Service

Just moved to Delhi and my sister recommended this salon to me. I went to get a haircut by the male hairdresser (claiming to have been trained from Tony & Guy).

First, please don't go here if you know what kind of haircut you want because the guy will pressure you to do whatever he wants. He will want you to get the haircut he thinks is right and WILL pressure you endlessly.

I went to get a simple long layered haircut and the guy cut my hair without checking whether both sides (left and right) are even. The FIRST RULE of a complete haircut is to check whether the left and right side are balanced so it does not look like an uneven cut.

Well, unfortunately and thanks to this salon, mine is. The left side is one inch smaller than the right and is obvious. I repent ever going to this salon.

Secondly, after the guy got done pressuring me to cut my hair his way and leaving my hair wet, he very nicely went to the customer sitting in the chair next to me and started styling her hair when I had been there first and my haircut was not finished.

I found this to be extremely rude and insulting. Who would ever want to go to a place where everyone pays the same yet the service is partially distributed, am I paying any less? Am I getting services for free? No. Then I deserve the same level of service given to everyone. The customer who came second needs to wait.
But you won't get that at this salon, others come first. Maybe she was a special customer but if thats the case, Shampoo86 should only be serving here solely, and no one else.

Third, After much pressure I gave into his idea of the haircut and I didn't like it, I wanted shorter layers. At this point, when my hair is still wet, he insists and says that he will make the adjustment after styling it. I said fine.
He styles my hair, and like I said before, I don't like it ONCE AGAIN so I asked him to cut it shorter. At that point (in the middle of my haircut) he asks me to go get a hairwash when I had just gotten my hair washed the night before, there was no oil or products in it, absolutely clean.
If it was necessary to get a wash, why didn't he ask me to get it BEFORE he started cutting my hair? Why in the middle of the whole procedure he has to make me get up and wash my hair.
I didn't want a wash and I said no. He literally (not exaggerating) pressured me to wash it about 15 times, and I had to say no 15 times.
A business that is confident and successful will never need to pressure its customers. Its only the ones that are not running successfully that need to employ such tacky tactics to boost sales.

Everyone knows a haircut can make or break your look. The customer should always be satisfied with the cut, a bad hairdresser will always pressure you to go his way, and that's what happened here.

Will never go back and won't let any of my friends go either. Will always spread the word, STAY AWAY from this place if you're getting your haircut.

PS: The guy went to Tony & Guy to learn haircutting but doesn't know the basic rules of cutting hair, didn't check for evenness and didn't even know what Jagged Layers are. If you trained at a reputed place like Tony & Guy, you would know what I'm talking about.


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