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Shady Oak Havanese/ Donna Roberts / Breeding Havanese Puppies

Howell, United States Review updated:
I am making this complaint against Donna Roberts for Breeding the Best Havanese Puppies in the US. My wife had to go back and buy two more, so now we have three dogs.

All our dogs were healthy and they are so loving it's sickening. They all sleep in bed with us and have taken over the house. Since we both work the guys all use the pee pee pad box and they are wonderful. It made a doggee door to the garage and the pee pee box is in there. They figured it out in less than a day.

A note to Donna, thank you and God Bless you for our little guys, even though they could never replace our child we lost to a tragic accident, these guys have given us both the will to live and go on. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Donald S.


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  26th of Jun, 2016
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Donna Roberts has been in tons of trouble for many years, yet, she still sells sick puppies. She was convicted of animal cruelty in 2007, she sells sick puppies and then blames the owners. Donna also uses many aliases on many web pages and FB. Ms. Roberts has been sued numerous times and is soon to be in court again. Stay away
  24th of Aug, 2016
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Laurie Pallante is a LIAR. Plain and simple. Since 2007 she has harassed and made up lies about me and my family because I would not refund her the purchase price of the pup. Her husband bought one of my pups, I gave him a $300 discount because he looked poor and I knew he could not afford the regular price of $950.00. He came in a beat up rotted out Chevy Blazer but he wanted a pup so I sold him an older pup for $650.
Right away she is on the phone threatening me and wanting "her" money back because the pup was feeling down, which all pup's go through when you move them It' s called stress. Then she says the pup cannot walk and she is feeding it with a spoon, this goes on and on. Finally on the 10th day she takes the pup to Dr. Diane Horn of Bryan Animal Hospital where the vet gives the pup a booster (which would never be done if the pup is sick) Yes the pup had a parasite so the vet gave her meds to kill the parasite. Then you would have thought the world came to an end, the pup had a parasite. Dr. Horn refused to give her an unfit but I did send her a check for the meds and she sent the check back demanding the $650 back for the pup and she keeps the pup. At that time enough was enough, she was being an ### and is continuing to be such. as you can see 10 years later.
  3rd of Nov, 2016
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You are de!usional..lady, we had a very nice black car, we had the blazer on the day you were convicted, I guess that's why you remember...selling sick puppies is normal for you. You told me you had puppies for 650 on the phone and on your ads. I have all the ads. I got an unfit for purchase from the Vet...I have copies. You are caught up in all your lies. Justice will be served one day soon. How many times have you been sued, recently 25k..you can't break the law forever. Everyone can tell how you are by your language and attitude. Not going to re-hash..the convictions are on file, I have copies, if you need to be reminded.
  3rd of Nov, 2016
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The DCA ordered you return the purchase price. Yup. I have the letters
  17th of Apr, 2018
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@Laurie Gilbert Pallante What is the DCA? No one ordered me to return your purchase price and why do you like so much. Karma is sure getting you, begging for money to pay bills why don't you get a job you never worked in your life

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