Shade Tree Gardens / Owner is of poor character

In the process of taking down my trees, this company tore down my power line and put a limb through my attic. Once confronted with compensation for the damages, Mike Olivarez became beligerant and irrational. All I asked for was what was fair, however Mike immediately jumped out of nowhere that "I better not put a stop on my check because it was a felony." To my knowledge no one ever suggested that as a possibility. I suggested that I had done nothing to deserve the temper tantrum and would be calling the owner. He said good luck with that and hung up on me. When I did call again, they put me in touch with him and his irate behavior continued (i.e. yelling over me and pushing buttons to try to get me to stop talking). The immature nature of his behavior and unwillingness to file a claim are incredible red flags that I feel duty bound to warn the public about. Please find someone else to do your work.


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