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Sgh-m620 Samsung-083-550-2744 / I AM NOT RECEIVING THE INCOMING CALLS

1 South Africa

Dear Sir/Madam
WORK TEL:[protected] EXT LAB
HOME: [protected]

I got my cellphone of the following number:[protected] on the 16.03.2009 Monday from MTN.But since from then I did not receive most of the calls I only receive about 3 calls.
The message I got is that”This number is not available on the MTN network”
Then I also received a lot of complaints from my friends, family and companies telling me that this number is not working they also got the same message.

Then I called MTN SHOP in Springs(their nimber is [protected]) where I got the phone.Engelic who gave the service she said I must call the Mtn call center at 808.
I did that but I did not get hold of them as the line was busy until Wednseday the 18 .03.2009.I spoke to Ndumiso at 21:33 with the REF NO:46911138 and he admit that there is a fault but he will take it to technical department.Friday the 20.03.2009 my phone was still not working.
Having the same problem.Then I went to MTN SHOP in Springs again.
Engelic call the call center again, they say she must change the sim card
And put on other phone but that did not help as there was still error message.Then she changed the simcard to my phone again and someone from call center call, the call went through.I ASKED ENGELIC TO TRY WITH HER PHONE TO CALL MY PHONE THEN SHE DID
They give the ref no:46942239 and promised the phone to be fixed with 24 hrs
On the 22.03.2009 I CALLED THE CALL CENTER AND GIVE THEM MY REF NO.I SPOKE TO Mokwana and she said technical department did not get any problem.But she said she will blocked the incoming call and open them again and she will call me on my land line on that Sunday at 13hr.I waited for the call until 14:00 of my closing time at work .
Then until the 25.03.2009 I was still having the same problem then I called Engelic again at 9:40 Wednesday morning then she said MTN is having problem with the
Network from Monday the 23.03.2009.Then I TOLD HER THAT MY PROBLEM TOOK PLACE SINCE FROM 16.03.2009 THE TIME I GOT MY PHONE FROM YOU.But now she told me about the recent problem of the 23.03.2009.I told her I WILL GIVE THEM A CHANCE UNTILL MONDAY THE 30.03.2009.But on the 27.03.2009 I called the call centre and spoke to Muziwethu and she said all the incoming calls were blocked but the phone will work after two hours.REF NO FOR THE CALL WAS: 47145603 time 21:25.0n the following day of 28.03.2009 when I tried to call the
Phone I got the same error message” The number you have called is not on the MTN network”.On the 28.03.2009 I called again the call center of MTN AT 808 AT 16:55
I talked to Nazir(REF NO:47165310) about the problem then he said I switch off the phone for 15 min and take out the sim card while is off then the problem will be solved I did that but is still giving me the same error message.
Help me please because I am paying the contract every month but I CAN’T RECEIVE THE CALLS.

Nhlanhla Elijah Mazibuko(Mr)

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