SFL Nutrition / Total CleanseScam

This company posts ads on seemingly legitimate websites, using Oprah Winfrey and Newsmax as fronts.

They promise a free sample, but buried in the fine print they charge your credit card for an exorbitant amount, even tho they also promise you can try it and cancel, but it doesn't show up for two weeks and then you only have 15 days to try it.

Their phone is always busy, impossible to get thru.

They've recently started an online message service but "Crystal" is not there. They'll send you an email that has irrelevant
queries and links to nowhere.

They CONTINUE TO CHARGE YOUR CREDIT CARD FOR THEIR PRODUCT and IT IS IMPOSSIBLE TO GET THEM TO STOP! I finally visited the Better Business Bureau website, which give s the company an F. My credit card company, which hitherto has been great, says they cannot refuse the billings! Even if I close the card, the company can force them to reopen it. Something is very rotten in Denmark.

The man who supposedly runs the company is named Juan Zunetta, but I'm sure that's an invented name.

Beware of TOTAL CLEANSE and warn everyone you know about it. This is something the Feds should be able to shut down as they're scamming people across state lines, but they aren't moving very fast as these people have been in operation for well over a year.


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