Sferka Realty / Toxic Mold, Fraud, Abusive, Hitler Camp

This building is killing people. There is toxic mold which
I had tested that is giving tenants asthma. He breaks open walls with mold and asbestos to hurt the tenants. He put illegal apartments up for rent and collects money from the state of NEW YORK. He threatens tenants stating he will kick them out. Some of them dying from cancer and aids. He breaks into their apartments and bashes in walls which creates dust so they cant breath after coming home from the hospital. He also, hides behind his lawyer and hires illegals to do more bad repairs. He is using slaves to make this place a safe haven for illegals, drugs, and criminals. The police know this building is no good and lets him collect over 60K/month for each building he owns. I am so sorry I have to deal with this Albanian Crook.

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