Seyed Mohsen Abedi / Delay, very bad service on terminal, cancellation, no accommodation & so much else

I had flight from Tehran to Bangkok. Flight time from Tehran was 23:40. And from dubai to Bangkok was 03:15 . First flight on 25 March and second one 26th March. The first flight with more than 4&half hour delay started and tòok more than 3 I lost my second flight.
In terminal was very bad situation. Nobody was responsible for arranging lane for doing costumer needs. I am diabetic patient, my insolins should be kept in refrigerator. But it was not available. They issued for me new boarding card 16:30 of 26th March.
But unfortunately I understand about 12 o'clock it is cansseled!!!
Again problem started.moving to other side of terminal and issuing another boarding pass for 01:50 27th March.
I started my travel from my home in Tehran 20:00 25th March and May be I'll be in Bangkok 2 PM 27th March!!!
It means 42 hours instead of maximum 14 hours.
They didn't give me any room in hotel although I told them I am sick and my drugs have to keep and use in a normal way.42 hours no sleeping and that is the last time to travel by fly dubai.
So I request to pay me back ticket price and more because of wasting my time and damage to my health.

Mar 26, 2017

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