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I ordered a watch w/ my credit card in early December. By the end of December, I still had not received my watch, nor have I received any form of communication, and my credit card was charged immediately. I have made repeated efforts to contact this company, but I receive no response.

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  • Da
      Mar 26, 2009

    You are not only one, They bill my card 4 months ago, till today nothing, not even e-mail, no response.
    They are internet crooks.


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  • No
      May 20, 2009

    I regretably bought one of there watches recently. Throughout the order process they quoted me £93 inc delivery but when I checked my bank statement acouple of days later I noticed they charged me £130! There reply was the exchange rate, but surely if you quote a price throught the process even to the last bit where they confirm £93 will be traken out of your account then thats whats being taken out??? I even have emails saying from saying thankyou for the payment of £93!!!

    I could live with the money difference if the watch was any good, but know its crap.The watch arrived 2 weeks later badly wrapped up and without a box, and with a scatch on! The strap doesnt look nothing like the authentic one, the face is smaller aswell. There back case looks crap, its doesnt have the skeleton backing, the clasp strap is missing, it all looks crap. If you shake it, and its an automatic watch it sounds like what can only be described as a watch you would find in a cracker. Its a pile of crap. Professional website but poor communication, and rubbish watch.

    It was a Tag Carerra watch by the way. I really want the authentic watch now because this one is rubbish, dont bother wasteing your money. That £130 could of gone towards a decent one.

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  • St
      Jul 16, 2009

    i just purchase from them.. everything good for me.. I ordered 3 watches and paid by paypal.. yes it is a bit late.. but it is arrive.. im happy with it..

    ive been scam by other replica watch seller before... but is a real deal.. they are not scammer.

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  • Ed
      Aug 09, 2009

    i purchased this

    Rolex Oyster Perpetual Submariner Date Black Bezel

    everything good for me. payment done via Credit Card. 2 3 days later they ship it and 3 days later arrive to my doorstep

    keep communicating with them..

    planning to buy more for Christmas.

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