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Servis UK / Terrible customer service!

1 Darlaston RoadWednesbury, Scotland, Grampian, United Kingdom Review updated:
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I bought a washing machine at the start of 2007 which kept skipping through it's cycles, the engineers came out 4 times to try and fix it and when it couldn't be sorted he contacted Servis who said they'd replace the machine. He submitted a report to the firm that Servis use (I believe its GB Domestics) and since then I've heard nothing, the last contact I had with them was December because every time I try to phone you're held in a que for an unacceptable amount of time and when you've got two small children, you just don't have the time to waste hanging on like this, not to mention the cost. I am on the phone to Servis as I write this message and had been hanging on for an eternity before finally getting through to a totally unhelpful representative who's advising me that my query has been closed and I should have got in contact before now, I WISH I COULD HAVE!!! I have asked to speak to his supervisor and the line is now dead, how helpful is that? Please never buy Servis products unless you've got money to waste.

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  • Me
      6th of Nov, 2006
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    Servis UK - Totally pissed off with servis!
    Servis UK
    United Kingdom

    Hi, would like to point out to would be purchasers that should any thing go wrong with your SERVIS appliance you aint got a chance of any joy from them. My story after 6 weeks the fridge /freezer failed an engineer duly dispatched 2 days later. Apparently fixed ha ha. 2 days later an engineer failed to turn up after staying in for 10 hours after many phone calls all of which were meant to phone back. No one did.. Still no call backs and an engineer arrived to say it was completely knackerd a part would be ordered, After 4 weeks and not 1 phone call from, SERVIS I, told them to collect this piece of crap , which they did. Wrote a letter to the MD ( never got that far i bet } but they think item was replaced , Tossers.. I am writing again and the reply will be posted for all to see. Totally pissed off with servis.

  • Br
      21st of May, 2007
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    I have been waiting 4 weeks for my washing machine pump to be fixed, i have rang every day no joy and no call backs! Im not happy its costing my a fortune at the laundry every day. Wouldn't mine but i only had the machine in january. I'll keep you posted if and when i gets sorted and when they get the parts as they said they have ran out of them.

  • Ni
      15th of Sep, 2007
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    i bought a new washer from servis,after 6 weeks all the electrics went on it ,i phoned servis who sent someone out 3 days later, i was then informed they had to order parts which would take upto 7 days,4 weeks later i am still waiting for my washing machine to be repaired.when i ring servis customer care they are so off hand with me because i have rang so often.i will never buy anything else from servis and i will make sure all my friends and family know about the way they treat people.

  • Ke
      29th of Sep, 2007
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    Servis Washing machine started flooding onThursday, engineer to call Friday between 8am and 6pm. Phoned 08705 168299 four times during day to confirm engineer was coming. At 6pm, no show. Phoned same number on Saturday to register complaint and for a solution. I was told the following:
    Engineers are contractors
    There are two call centre staff (at least on a Saturday) to cover the whole of the UK
    This does not include a supervisor
    Only the supervisor has contractors FAX details (not telephone number (eh?)), not the call centre telephone operator staff.
    Therefore they cannot give you the contractor information and you cannot call the contractor yourself.
    If you have a newborn baby or young family where hygiene is very important DO NOT BUY SERVIS.

  • Lo
      13th of Dec, 2007
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    I have an 11 month old Servis washing machine. It stopped spinning properly and so I called an engineer; I was told it needed a new motor!

    It has taken 4 weeks for Servis to get one from their parent company in Italy. We are a family of 5 and this last month has been so stressful. I live in a rural area so nowhere near a launderette and have had to rely on friends and family to do the bear essentials for me during this time. You feel so guilty putting on people.

    Servis couldn't have cared less and Currys - who I bought the washing machine from - weren't much help either. I thought that as it was only 11 months old they should have replaced it for me but they weren't having any of it. You cannot get through to anyone in charge at Servis, they refuse to let you speak to a manager. My advice is the same as others - DO NOT BUY SERVIS.

  • M
      18th of Dec, 2007
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    Please note: If you have purchased your product in the last 12 months please check with the retialer on their repairs terms and conditions. For example: If you purchased from Argos and the washing machine broke down after more than 30 days but less than 1 year then a repair will be required. If from the day that the repair was reported, the machine has not been repaired after 28 days then you are entitled to a refund or replacement.

    Also not alot of consumers know this but if a consumer can prove that it is a manufacter's fault with the product the consumer is entitled to a replacement. This is within the first SIX years of purchasing your appliance under the Trading Standards law. I found out about this when I was working for a very well known Electrical company that makes large and small kitchen appliances, LCD, plasmas etc.

  • Fa
      9th of Jan, 2008
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    It was not even year since we bought are washing machine with Servis, so when it broke down we thought we would be alright because we were under guarantee so the engineer would be able to repair it. However once the engineer did turn up and had a look at it he said that he would not be able to fix it, because the grantee did not cover coin breakage. He said this was company policy but no one told us this in the first place, so we were unaware of this. You would think that if it was company policy that would tell customers about it.

  • Li
      31st of Jan, 2008
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    I am totally amazed that my experience is so common. We had the misfortune to buy a Servis washing machine. Three weeks later and it remains unfixed - although the main problem has been the appalling standard of customer service. The stress levels this causes me as a working mum of two are quite unprecedented - I truly believe that Servis DO NOT care about their customers. I have informed Tesco Direct, from whom I made the mistake of purchasing this second rate electrical item, in the hope that they might bring some pressure to bear on them. Will keep you posted.

  • Li
      1st of Feb, 2008
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    Customer services should be renamed lack of customer services, THEY REALLY DO NOT CARE AND THEIR ATTITUDE COMES ACROSS AS SUCH ON THE TELEPHONE (yes LYNN at Servis I mean you).
    My 5 month old washer dryer stopped spinning on Sunday, I rang SERVIS LACK OF CUSTOMER SERVICES first thing Monday morning and was told that the first appointment available was Thursday but they could not specify a time !! The engineer arrived and informed me after a looking at the machine that the module had gone and that he didn't have any, why send engineers out without the parts ??
    This part has to be ordered from Italy and SHOULD be delivered in 7 - 10 WORKING DAYS, why does it take that long ? is it sent by donkey ?? and why do they not have stock in the UK ? after all they are selling to UK customers. I said that I could get the part from an independent supplier guaranteed delivery to me in 3 days (via the web) apparently this would void my guarantee !! Do you think that they meant the guarantee to cause stress ?
    When SERVIS receive the part the engineer will contact me to make another appointment, OH GOOD YET ANOTHER DAYS HOLIDAY.
    I contacted ARGOS to try and get a refund as my machine was faulty (the module is part of the machine that does not normally break apparently) and was told that the engineer shouldn't have told me that !! and Company policy states that I HAVE TO ALLOW 14 working days for them to fix it and that they will not do anything until this time limit has been exceeded.
    I rang the Office of Fair Trading and discovered that the engineer was quite correct in telling me about this fault (ARGOS you were wrong) and that unfortunately I have to allow a reasonable amount of time for them to fix the machine, I did argue that IF the part arrives it will be somewhere in the region of THREE weeks by the time the machine is fixed and I didn't think that was reasonable as I work very long hours cannot even go to the laundrette during the week and have two children, however the only advice they could give me is to write to Argos via recorded delivery and quote their own policy (i.e. 14 days to fix the machine) at them.

  • Al
      14th of Feb, 2008
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    I have a Servis Fridge/Freezer which will be 3yrs in april. It was making noises over Christmas, then suddenly stopped so I thought it was ok. Then on 6th Jan 08 it broke down. The fridge was warm but the freezer was cold at the bottom but warmer towards the top. Phoned first thing mon to be told engineer will call Wed! Engineer did turn up (italian couldnt understand him)I told him what it was doing etc and all he did was test temperature and listen to back - he said it needed re-gassing!! Needs specialist engineer so one would come out tomorrow. Then had message later that day to say their specialist off sick, so Subcontractor would call for appointement. I had 6 kids that weekend and only a mini fridge. Subcontractor couldnt come out till Monday! They didnt work weekends. So any way, he called me first thing and told me when he would be here and he was on time. Told him everything, he took panel off and found that the fan was not moving because the polystyrene had dropped and stopped it working, thus not distributing cold air around. Sorted that and I thought FAB at least its done. Came home later to find it still making loud screeching noises (which it does day and night!). Called Servis again and they said they would get him back out. Anyway 2 weeks and loads of phone calls later he came back and it was making the noises this time. Found that the fan motor bearings had gone. Said would order part but didnt know how long. Anyway its 8 days now and no sign. Servis said they have chased it up and sent part overnight to Subcontractor (3 days ago now) - but thats after I wrote a complaint email. So in total I have been waiting almost 7 weeks for the fridge to be fixed. I have to leave fridge door open all night cos I was getting up to shut it up several times a night - STRESS. I have to put little bits in mini fridge and put the rest in the salad drawers with ice packs every night. I would NEVER buy from them again. They don't care no matter what you say, and you don't get anywhere by complaining. THERE SHOULD BE AN INVESTIGATION IN TO THEIR CRAP SERVICE.

  • Ro
      14th of Feb, 2008
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    A newly bought Servis dishwasher went wrong in August 2007. An engineer called in a few weeks later saying that it might take 2 weeks to get a new part. We are now in mid February 2008 - SEVEN MONTHS LATER - and we are still waiting to get a call. I speak with their service department once a week but am ALWAYS fobbed off with that they will investigate and ring back in 24 - 48 hours. Nobody has ever called back. The shop where the machine was bought from has closed down and I am sure that Servis has NO INTENTIONS of putting things right. Are SEVEN months a world record for waiting for a service engineer. Is there any point of going to a Solicitor? How can we get the world to know about their crap products and service? It would be lovely to start a world wide consumer ban for all Servis products.

  • Vi
      26th of Feb, 2008
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    My Servis washing machine broke after about 7 months when it suddenly started making an awful noise and not draining. I concluded that the pump was gone so arranged an engineer visit. At this stage, that was fairly easy - they came the next working day. However, engineer said pump was fine and the noise was absolutely normal (!), and blamed it on an unnecessary bit of pipe in the plumbing. He removed said piece of pipe and reset the machine. I was dubious, as I know what a washing machine is supposed to sound like - and the noise it had begun to make was definitely not 'normal'. The machine did seem fine for a while - until the noise started again and exactly the same thing happened. This time, engineer did not turn up when he was supposed to so I wasted a day's holiday off work. Customer Service could not tell me why this had happened and arranged another visit for a week later (the earliest they now had available). The day came around and, like buses, not one but two engineers tried to come and fix my machine. The first was a contractor who rubbished Servis' own engineers and then told me he'd tried to re-arrange the previous appointment but couldn't get through - totally untrue. He replaced the pump within 15 minutes and was gone. Second engineer called from Servis and was completely unaware anyone else had been.
    I am now waiting to see if my machine is indeed fixed, but if last time is anything to go by then only time will tell...

  • Ll
      2nd of May, 2008
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    all i got to say is that servis is crap, there is no customer care and the engineers are hopeless,
    call centre- they haven"t got a clue still waiting on repair to washing machine brought in Jan 2008 it is now may! two visits all wrong parts, Wow THE WORKING BRITISH INDUSTRIE AT ITS BEST.LOL

  • St
      20th of Jun, 2008
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    Fridge freezer just under 4 yrs old has stopped working.
    This was not a cheap budget item! I would have expected more use, it has not been moved or abused.

    After 35 minutes waiting on their customer non care line
    Service only wanted to sell me an extended warranty so an engineer could come out.

    When i queried this and also quoted sale of goods act and durability of elec trical items the woman told me she did not wish to argue .

    I am now taking this up with original vendor - however, whatever the outcome we will never buy servis again the web is littered with complaints about them

  • Ev
      14th of Aug, 2008
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    Servis UK - Totally pissed off with servis!
    Servis UK
    England, West Midlands
    United Kingdom

    This is the third washing machine Ive had in 9 months its been repaired at least6times the engineer came yesterday and didn't even look at it he said its irreparable and he will put in a report for a new one well Ive just been on the phone to service and Ive got to wait in again for the repair man to repair a load of rubbish i would never recommend service to anyone the company stinks Ive even written to the head of customer services three times MRS HARI ATHWAL BUT THEY JUST WONT LET ME TALK TO HER ON THE PHONE i am sick and tired of it all i just don't know what to do who else do i complain to.

  • Ro
      18th of Aug, 2008
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    We bought a Servis washing machine and it broke down after 19 days, we got a replacement from the shop ... it lasted 9 months before it stopped. an engineer came out stared at it for a while and said the circuit board was faulty and he would order a new one, this could take 10 days to arrive. 3 weeks later he came back, fitted it and made it worse.He said he needed a PDA to pair the new board to the machine, he didnt have one... couldnt get one... didnt know anyone who had one, but if he got one he would come back... sometime. We phoned customer careline and after being on hold for the standard 45 minutes we were told servis couldnt do anything for 48 hours untill they got a service report. 3 days later another engineer turned up with a PDA and said that machine didnt need one, it needed more new parts and he would have to order them. That was 7 weeks ago. Now after 10 weeks, 7 phone calls and 4 e-mails they offered us a new machine and they would phone us the next day with a delivery date... that didnt happen. They really dont care about their customers. We will never buy another Servis again and we are telling as many people as we can not to either

  • Le
      12th of Sep, 2008
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    i purchased a new washing machine from servis and regret ever since. i bought the machine in january, noticed inside the drawer that there was broken parts inside, phomed servic at the beginning of february and they sent out an engineer who said he would order parts to repair ... THAT WAS 8 MONTHS AGO. i have called servic every month since with promises of returned phone calls but no joy, customer servic is the worst i have ever experienced, there complaints proceedure is to call the head office who are just as bad.. a warning to all, if you are considering buying servic electricals DON, T they are amatures, CRAP GOODS, CRAP SERVIS, CRAP ENGINEERS, CRAP CUSTOMER SERVICE, CRAP EVERYTHING, i, d rather wash my clothes by hand than purchase from them again. 8 months to repair a washing machine that was sold to me faulty and they don, t have the decency to repair absolute shocking they should be ashamed leaving valuable customers high and dry

  • Ca
      17th of Sep, 2008
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    I work for Argos and I am so fed up with the complaints about servis. I come home from work despressed due to people shouting at me because of there servis machine. I can so understand were you are all coming from. I have customer after customer complaining about these machines. People wait 45 minutes for there call to be answered on a 0870 number, they can be waiting 6 weeks for repair. We all on white goods are trying are best to get them banned from argos. comet and currys must be getting the same complaints. We can't just replace them without auth from servis and as you can imagine they never auth a replacement. We will o/ride this at times, we don't get the money back for replacement which is not auth, so can understand why we dont just replace them. We will keep complaining to our managers till we stop selling these really bad machines.

  • Jo
      22nd of Sep, 2008
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  • Ni
      26th of Sep, 2008
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    My old SERVIS washer/dryer lasted 12years no problems, engineer said it was beyond economic repair. Bought a new one, noticed the plastic was flemsy and generally cheap quality, 50days later the Circuit Board went kaput, been waiting 15days so far, first SERVIS, they said 2day then 10days to get parts from Italy, been 15days so far and still waiting. Always me, me, me calling SERVIS, never them calling to keep the customer informed to get the ### thing fixed. Never saw this web site during my research to purchase a machine, otherwise I would not have bought the damn thing. I dont have time to be patient as you guys, I need to take it to the next level.

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