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Today I received a phone call from a girl named sue from the receiving dept in Lowes on picking up my mover that I am trying to get fixed or credited from the manufacturer. The manufacturer is dragin everything out. So little miss Sue I guess to tkae matters in her own hands and tell the mover is unfixable, I already knew that but I am by warranty guildlines from the Lowe's store. I have received a phone from the manufacturer but haven't spoke to anyone yet;. Miss Sue decided that since the mover was not fixable she assumed that I am trying to get credit for something that I destroyed?. She used the words of "The manufacturer wil not credit you back money when it was customer abuse".. To the record I didn't physical abuse the mover at all and for her to say that to me was very uncalled for because she doesn't have any idea on what has been going with it and what the other employees from Lowes at trying to help me on'. The mover is still under warranty and I feel that it should either be fixed or credit me back:. Miss Sue should have never said that to me because now I will get my money back and there will be nothing she can do about it, .


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