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Service Master Shreveport LA / Unprofessional employees and bad service

1 851 Hope St. Shreveport, La 71101Shreveport, LA, United States
Contact information:
Phone: (318) 934-0117

Service Masters, Shreveport LA, located at 851 Hope St., Shreveport, La 71101 was called to do water restoration work on my master bedroom and master bath after a water leak. Service Master came and installed blower fans and dehumidifiers that were NOT HEPA filtered air filtration devices that are required for a water restoration job. During the initial visit Service Master’s technician confirmed that there was no signs of mold. I hired a mold inspector who confirmed that there was no mold. However she raised concerns that there were no HEPA filtered air filtration devices without which there was a higher chance of mold growing. She also recommended spraying mold ###ant immediately. Even after multiple reminders to Service Masters in the coming days, the mold ###ant was NOT sprayed. No mold ###ant was sprayed even a week LATER. No mold ###ant was sprayed even on the day the fans were taken out. Service Master technician casually forgot to bring the equipment to spray the mold ###ant. At this point the sheetrock had started to discolor. I hired a mold inspector who confirmed that the discoloration on the sheetrock was mold. I called Service Masters multiple times but they didn’t pick up my phone calls. A day later they came and sprayed the mold ###ant but it was already too late.

Service Masters Shreveport, LA is definitely not equipped to do any water restoration job. They DONOT HAVE the required filtered air filtration devices. They did not spray mold ###ant in a timely manner. Mold/fungal control and inhibition steps were not completed by Service Master within the time frame required to prevent the mold from growing. Because of their negligent behavior mold was allowed to grow. Airborne Mold and Fungi in air is very dangerous especially for toddlers and pregnant woman.

On top of it Service Masters, Shreveport LA DID NOT take responsibility of their negligence and UNPRPFESSIONAL ATTITUTE. During the whole fiasco I was told the management was on spring break and would address my tissue once they are back. I can not imagine how a company is just pu on a standstill if the management is on spring break!! A month and several emails and phone calls later my issue still remain unresolved. No steps have been taken by Service Master to rectify their mistakes. TOTALLY UNPROFESSSIONAL!! I am shocked that Service Masters would franchise their name to such management!

Apr 23, 2015

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