Sergents Flea Gold-Cats / Bad Reaction--Cat May Lose Life

1 Martinsville, IN, United States

I applied Sergeants as directed, immediately seen that my cat was in distress--shaking head violently, stumbling, etc. I gave Jackson a bath that moment, since then, he has had 4 baths, gone to the vet and continues to have effects from this product. Had I read all the negative feedback from this product before, I would have NEVER purchased it. No animal deserves to be put through all my cat and similar pet owners have gone through. Jackson may lose his life, as other pets have using the product thinking it was safe--after all, it continues to be sold, and I have read complaints as far back as 2006. It needs to be taken off the shelves, and a class action law suit brought against the company. It is completely ridiculous this keeps going on and Sergeants not be held accountable. I read a few cases where Sergeants had reimbursed the people for their vet visit, more needs to be done than that. They are getting away with taking the lives of peoples pets. As said, a class action law suit needs to be began, media attention needs started--I will see to it, the media will soon know--I'm calling FOX News this morning.

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