Serenity House / Theft, Misleading Guests, Questionable Business Practices

1 32241 Avenida Los Amigos, San Juan Capistrano, CA, United States
Contact information:
Phone: 9495737557

I lived in Serenity House for 13 months, two of which I did not live there but I still payed the rent. In the end I did, unfortunately, relapse a few weeks after one of the roommates overdosed & died in the unit above me. I was asked to leave before any drug testing was done and informed the owner I would be in treatment for a month. I left brand new furniture, many thousands of dollars worth of various electronics/books/other items and clothes, thinking they would be safe until I got out of treatment seeing as I was payed up through the end of the month. After a week the owner stopped answering my calls. I did get through once to tell I would be down in a few days to get my things and he said "That would be fine". I went down about a week after to get my belongings everything had "disappeared". I was told they donated everything after three days. Once I went inside I noticed some of the things that were "donated" were on a book shelf and when I asked they owner said "Oh, you can have those, but everything else is gone". I left after that and have not been back. I have also witnessed the owner steal and open the mail of past tenants that have left. I have filled out a report about the stealing mail and my belongings and am in the process of still recouping my belongings. I considered the owner a good friend and loved the place but I can in no way, shape or form recommend the place to anyone. The things that go on are wrong and also illegal. A man also DIED from an OVERDOSE shortly before I left. There is much more using than that. Please go to one of the many better choices in the area that are even more affordable. Sorry guys I love you all don't take it personal.

Aug 11, 2014

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