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On sera concepts website, it clearly states all thier products have a 30 day money back guarantee. I called customer service for being billed another months supply, canceled my auto delivery with them and requested an RMA # to return the bottle I had just been charged for and still have not received.
I was told by a rep (Heather) and thier supervisor (Bill) that the 30 day money back guarantee was only for the trial period, and after that once it's shipped it's yours like it or not. I explained that it does NOT say this on thier web site, and only states all products have a 30 day money back guarantee, implying false advertizing!
This company does NOT back up its products, and NEVER tells you it is only for your first 30 day trial membership, after that there is no guarantee or customer service.
Don't get scammed w/ this product, DON'T BUY IT!

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  • Ge
      Sep 08, 2009
    Sera Concepts - cancellation notice
    United States

    I'm having hard time contacting sera concepts. My card was charged for the second time...I'm so angry. I want out. They need to have email.

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  • Tl
      Sep 10, 2009

    Same exact thing happened to me. When I called them, I was told there is no way I can get my money back. I told them I would let my credit card co. know that this was not an authorized sale and they will take care of it. The reply I got (from the "supervisor"), was to go ahead and do that. This company needs to be stopped and fast!!! They are taking people to the cleaners hoping you dont check your bills. They are counting on that you don't have the time to dispute this. My next step is to go the Better Business Bureau with a complaint on them. I'm angry the Sera Concepts Co. people are still in business!!!

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  • Bi
      Sep 12, 2009

    Same history, this company still charge my card, even I tell to cancel, they still bill me and they dont send any oroduct to us, probably need to close my credit card. people need to know they are dealing with a fraudulent company so be alert to deal with this company

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  • Kl
      Oct 09, 2009

    Does anyone know how to get in contact with Sera Concepts? Does anyone know their customer service phone number or an email address?

    Thank you for any help with this information.


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  • Ac
      Nov 04, 2009

    I have been trying to get restitution from these people since February. I have had little success with their support line or phone numbers listed on the paperwork or web site.
    Please note that there are over 700 complaints with the Better Business Bureau against VIT* Sera Concepts and their other offerings. There are complaints on Rip-Off, as well, so please don't let VIT* take your money, too.

    If that doesn't work try the Massachusetts Atty. General's office. [protected]

    Good Luck.


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  • Du
      Nov 12, 2009

    [protected], this is how I have contacted them recently, they did not respond in a timely manner to my first email but i kept sending multiple emails to the address and I have gotten replies.

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  • Du
      Nov 12, 2009

    also this was the number given to me [protected]

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  • Au
      Nov 27, 2009

    Same, same, same. I thought I was buying a sample and getting a free sample. When I checked my statement, although a month and a half later, I was charged 64.95 for the sample, plus another 9.95 for shipping. Then I was charged twice at 74.90 for shipments I have not even received. I didn't and don't want any more products from this company, they are not as advertised. The label is TAPED onto the container, clearly a shady company. When I called to cancel and get a refund for the items I hadn't even received, I was told I could get no refund, that the "satisfaction" guarantee is 20-days, not 30 and could not be returned. Their website, however, says differently. When I said I clearly could return the product that I have not gotten yet as being unsatisfactory and get a refund, they told me I could not. I wish I could let everyone know before they get into this sham, someone needs to. By the way, I was told Rachel was the supervisor of Bill when I asked for someone higher up the food chain, and Rachel would not put me through to anyone in a supervisory role to her. When I asked for the company address and phone number, she said she could only give me the "corporate" address, which was a PO box and there was no phone number.

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