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Cosmetics / worst customer service - downright rude

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Phone: 415-284-3300

Worst customer service at They are probably the most unprofessional business I have ever had the misfortune of having to deal with. When a supervisor was unable to resolve my issue, I asked for her name in reference to the call, the 'supervisor' at replied "I already gave you my name at the beginning of the call", she then refused to give me an address to make a complaint to, refused to give me her supervisor's name, and then said that she was hanging up on me (and proceeded to hang up). When I phoned back to speak with another supervisor, my account clearly had notes attached to it, and I was left on hold for 20 minutes and then refused service. Now - you might think that I had been extremely angry during the first call, or maybe I did something to provoke this type of treatment. But, in reality, I just wanted to resolve my issue (concerning gift cards), and when one person couldn't take care of it, I politely asked to speak to someone higher up, as is everyone's right as a consumer.

I had been a long time customer and a "VIB" (a meaningless tag that is in fact a flagrant marketing attempt to create consumer loyalty). Once I am refunded the amount of my gift cards, I will definitely take my business elsewhere, and will let my friends know about this as well. I recommend Nordstrom - their customer service team is always professional, and they would never treat their customers in this manner.

Shame on you customer service management. You are an integral link to customers at, and your actions convey nothing more than a sham of a business. They never resolved my matter, and I have now written a complaint to the BETTER BUSINESS BUREAU. I suggest this as a resolution for any other disgruntled customers of Sephora /

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