Seongkoo KangCrew's attitude complaints

Cabin crew Amira(Amina) from Malaysia
She is rude and her attitude is much lower than standard. Customers are not much expecting very high service by Air Asia. Because it is Low Cost Career.
There was happening on flight D7 207 from Gold coast to Kuala Lumpur on 10 May 2017. I asked just a cup of tab water and they dont serve tab water( only have bottled water to sell ), but it's ridicules! No free water ? Even LCC?
Anyway, Okay, i accepted what their policy, so i tried to give them a feedback and some advices for the better future of Air Asia's development for customers satisfaction.
But she kept cutting me while im talking to, insisting what she wants to say. It is not an proper attitude as a cabin crew as a hospitality staffs(I studied Hospitality and has been working 10yrs this industry).
I was not rude, just tried to let them know what you can change plans for the better future, but she NEVER LISTEN.
She promised me come back shortly but NEVER COME and TALK to me(even she was serving food&beverage a guy just next to me! Try not to see and ask me what to drink or any suggestion).
Customers know and expect not too much high service from you, but has to be at least minimum to respect us!

May 10, 2017

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