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SeoMagnet Ltd. / Bogus job opportunity

1 Spain
Contact information:

There isn’t much info on these guys which is a “red flag” in itself, the website claims they have been seo marketing since 2003, yet the website was established in June 09.
This is the least of the warnings though:
1. A multinational company, yet only one contact name Norman Cooper, the executive phone number is a 1-800, the emailsare throw away accounts like g-mail.
2. Their is virtually no info on the company despite them having supposedly been around for nearly 6 years.
3. The domain is on a 1 year registry.
4. The name on the website is Norman cooper – the name on company reg details is Norman copper.
5. They are based in spain but the fax number is for new york.
Here is a line in their “want a job” e-mail -
It is a standard order for SeoMagnet. But unfortunately we have a problem with payment for the order. The client did not manage to make a transfer to my credit card as his bank does not allow making any transfers to credit cards issued by foreign banks. The bank approves transfers within Canada only.
This is a classic build up to a check or credit card fraud scheme. They go on to ask if they can use your credit card to process their clients payment. By now, if you have been reading my advice posts, you already know you want nothing to do with this job opportunity. Then comes "Can you please send me Payment Details.doc and included the number of credit card (not debit one) in it? I am going to add 500 CAD to your
salary for your understanding and loyalty.
Don't fall for this scam!!


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