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SEO - Regional package / Seo customer service - sub par

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Our company has used Market Place America to create a new website. Our first experience was not a good one but it was soon fixed by two wonderful service reps that soon got everything up and running. Both were patient and very attentive to our business needs, which is why we did not have issues when it came time to try the SEO packages from this company.
We had 2 options the Organic package and the Region package to chose from. We originally wanted the Organic as it was less in price and since we do not have our own SEO department were leery of how it all worked. From the get go, the gentleman setting up the SEO packages was not fully disclosing the whole description of the packages citing that it was to technical and that's why they do SEO, not us, as they have much training. And told us our business needed the regional package if we wanted a successful campaign.
We agreed somewhat reluctantly and the forms were filled out and paid up front (for service not yet even started).
After that no one let us know that they had started, what had been done or if it had been completed. Our associate on this case had to chase after answers from the first gentlemen to see where everything was and asked more than once only to be notified of changes, completions, etc. And yet on one would comply.
According to the first gentleman in the SEO department, after the associate finally got an answer, we had used most of the package with the exception of "1000 words fresh content” (this is the only difference between the packages, I might add). He was very curt and condescending with our the associate stating that “it takes time to get everything done” as well as “I cannot guarantee first page ranking”, both statements did not explain why the department did not tell us that they had completed the package (mostly) and addressed something we never asked for.
After speaking with the copywriter, manager and first gentleman there was no clear use for the “1000 words”. Each representative suggested a different use:
- The copywriter suggested a “press release”, things like “a new employee” or an “event in the area” regardless of whether or not is relevant to our company or not.
- The manager suggested to “beef up” our descriptions. To make them more likely to appear on things like Google. But when brought up to the copy writer he berated our associate for this decision.
- The manager suggested adding an image link to our site as an alternative, but we already have that exact thing on our site.
After much back and forth there was no sufficient avenue found for this “1000 words fresh content, and now, what is now probably 3 months, we still do not have a use for it. Our associate has tried to find other uses but no one has responded with anything more than what was above.
So all we asked for from the manager was to downgrade to the Organic package since that was all we used.
Again after much chasing after answers (as we had to wait weeks in between contact) the manager said there was a "technical" issue and a downgrade is not possible. That was it. Nothing else.
Now, we are still unable to get a-hold of anyone to get contact information for the director to try and finally solve this issue.
We were up-sold, given sub-par customer service from the onset, had to chase down representatives to get answers for basic questions (like did they finish their job, we can still hardly see any difference from the start to “completion”), and more.
To say the least we would not recommend the SEO department to any other business as they will not get their money’s worth for the trouble this department causes the client.

Jul 28, 2015

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