Senior Helpers / Don't work there. Don't trust them with your families.

Breckenridge Lane, Louisville, KY, United States

The Senior Helpers in Louisville, KY on Breckenridge Lane is a poor excuse for a care-giving establishment. They totally violate caregiver's privacy by taking photos of the caregiver and putting the photo and caregiver's name up on the wall where anyone can see. They FORCE new employees to buy a puke-greenish colored polo shirt, require them to pay for their own TB skin tests and offer totally inadequate "training" using one piece of outdated equipment. They also require approximately 6 hours of "orientation" (which mostly consists of watching boring videos and hearing about everything except what employees need to know such as benefits and specific responsibilities). They only pay 2.5 hours of their hiring session. Though it is all they are required to pay by KY law, some agencies don't nickle and dime potential works like that. Some other agencies show they value caregivers at least enough to pay them something for every hour of required time from the start. Senior Helpers just TALK a good game but do not deliver either to caregivers or clients and their families.

They violate families' privacy by instructing caregivers to take pictures of clients and post them, even on popular social sites, as long as they have the client's permission. How can most people with dementia justifiably give permission to have their pictures/videos taken?

They require caregivers to submit time-sheets, in addition to clocking in and out on the client's phone, weekly but only pay every 2 weeks. They lie about schedules and try to place caregivers miles and miles from their homes for short 2-4 hour shifts. They use caregiver's last 4 of their social security numbers as part of their ID and it is printed on their name badges! They have only one scheduler and he doles out the "good" assignments to his favorites. They do a drug test, but not a basic background check. By the way, they do hire felons (which I have no problem with in some cases depending on the amount of time passed and the offense such as non-violent), but very likely they do not tell client's families.

Overall, they are just like most US companies. They are all about making their money regardless to the affect on the caregiver or client. They are exploiting a need of the communities (care for the elderly) to get their desires met (making as much money as possible).

Anyone seeking care for their loved ones would be much better off advertising in a religious environment such as at a church or in a religious newspaper than paying 2 and 3 times more than the caregiver will ever receive to lying, thieving companies like Senior Helpers. If you think you are safer with agencies, you are not.

Aug 16, 2014

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