seneity's touch / messed up my hair and owner is rude and unprofessional

1 9 forestburgh rd., Monticello, NY, United States
Contact information:
Phone: 845-791-8252

where do i begin?? the owner goldie is very rude, unprofessional, the whole timei got my hair done she was talking about her staff, her clients, past employees and none of it was good. I could not believe my ears that she had no problem bashing all these people she doesnt know who i am or if i knew any of the people was was talking about. In my entire life i have NEVER seen or heard such malious rumors whether true or untue its in very bad taste. On to my hair after rudely being told Goldie is so fantastic that i need to make an appointment 3weeks in advance if i wanted her although she had a girl who can do my hair. So i went with Kayla who was very sweet but not experienced enough and so she asked Miss Goldie what products to use and after being told what to do she proceeded to do my hair.. Wow words cant express how horrible it came out. My hair is still literally breaking off everytime i wash it, and my scalp has burns from the front to the back and i dont blame Kayla I put full blame on Miss Goldie, , then when i went back a few days later to see how to fix it Miss Golldie became very nasty and aggressive and did not even offer to color it backor something and was unwilling to do anything to resolve the problem except she told me that Kayla is not ready to do hi lites and she needs more practice what kind of boss does this?? And so after arguing w/ her highness she basically thru money at me and pretty much dragged me out the door all the while there were people in the salon. i was and still am mortified at how i was treated. I dont care how wonderful Goldie is i dont care if she offered me a full makeover for free i will never step foot in that shop again and i hope this helps some people from making the same mistake i did.. please DO NOT ever go there.

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