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Seller Account / Wrongful Termination

1 Seattle, WA, United States
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Last week, Amazon PERMANENTLY suspended our family's seller account due to receiving two negative feedback ratings in a row...NOT claims or anything that required financial reimbursement, just two people venting their frustrations, one of which had never contacted us once before dropping a 1 feedback and a paragraph-long rant over a USED 12+ year-old controller. They had suspended us a few months ago for not reading one of their new policy directives from July (yes that was all!!), which we actually had in our own personal email account, but had not bothered to read it again in their official email system. However, I was able to overturn that decision through days of an incessant barrage of emails and phone calls and I was then lucky enough to find someone on the seller team nice enough to reinstate our 1400+ items. I thought they would be just as forgiving on yet another frivolous reason for suspension, but no such luck.

We had used the account to sell our family's personal books, movies, video games, etc. to raise money for my various college expenses and was actually bringing in over $1, 000 dollars per month last year. I wanted to leave a message on this board, not only to warn potential sellers from the minefield that is Amazon's seller policy, but also in the hopes that someone with deeper pockets may someday rightfully pursue a class-action lawsuit against for wrongful termination, loss of expected wages, etc. I only wish I had the time and money, because they definitely deserve to pay for the hours and hours of stress and frustration induced by their thoughtless policies.

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