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1 Denver, Coloradodenver, United States

Episode celebrity family feuds Paula deem and Carson from queer eye.
Carson correctly awnsered a question about what is loved about men's underware. He awnsered the buldge. Which could have been the sender on the board butt/bits. Steve counted this question against his team. This is not right and unjust. It is Similar to the Hetronormative awnser SEXy the men in them. But he was wrongly given an X. Please review this. It's not fair and threw the game. The budge refers to the bits and butts being covered which was the least popular awnser but it was absolutely on the board. Nice to see the fude trying to be inclusive of LGBT. Also the transphobic and standards of questions need s to be addressed. I saw a very transphobic episode where Steve gave judgment and awnsers that's all implied a woman or person with out a [censored] can not be identified as a man. which makes the show anti transgender Men. please address this. thanks transgender watcher.

Sep 14, 2017

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