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If few months we receive an unsolicited email from a marketing company offering "eclusive leads" of (Note these are dirct quotes from email)
"recently retired are will be retiring here in the next few months and are interested in 401K rollover information. They have responded by mail or phone in the last 30 days, indicating they are looking to speak to a local advisor about their retirement funds or getting information by mail or phone." and "They have also responded by email or phone in the last 30 days, indicating they're ready to make a move in the next month or so & are interested in speaking to someone who can meet their needs."
After receiving a bad list that was very expensive some time ago, we contact the company and request five "out of area" leads. We will contact them and if they verify that they have responded and are seeking a new advisor, we will buy the list. I contacted "Kenzi" and made the request. She indicated they do not give away free leads. Five "out market leads" are going to be worth anything to me.
She said they would guarentee the leads and refund the money on bad leads (sure... See the link below). I told her that I wanted to verify the veracity of the claim and suspected the leads were in fact "not" verified by her response. She told me I was rude and hung up.
Avoid this company!

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