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Select Comfort / Pickup of returned mattress

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I'm returning this mattress because it's very uncomfortable, and I called on July 2 to arrange pick-up. They "can't" pick it up until July 29. For $199, I would think they could make a special trip. That $199 is supposed to include the cost of taking the bed apart, but because I didn't want to spend a month on an inferior mattress and was able to get a new mattress right away, I bought a replacement mattress and therefore had to take the bed apart myself, and now it will be stacked around my apartment for a month.

When you look at the bed, don't let the sales person turn on the thing that makes it adjustable and the vibrating stuff. She had me sitting up in it for 15 minutes, and I was too stupid to realize that I really had no idea how comfortable or uncomfortable it really is. If you have two chambers, it slopes toward the middle of the bed. I'm told that doesn't happen if you only have one chamber, which defeats the whole purpose of having a choice. They also tell you, after you've bought it, that you should have at least three slats on your bed frame, and I didn't, but I'd never have bought the thing if I'd have known I was going to have to modify my frame.

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  • Ti
      26th of Sep, 2007
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    This complaint makes little sense.
    The Sleep Number bed has to have a solid foundation under it to allow it to work.
    The person mentions the adjustable foundation yet doesn't say they bought it.
    Regardless, customers do not have to modify there bed to sleep on a Select Comfort mattress as long as they purchase a set.
    A set is a mattress and a foundation (which takes the place of the box spring) and sits on bed slats, on your bed frame, or in/on a steel foundation.
    The mattress doesn't drift to the middle when adjusted properly and the only reason to buy a single chamber mattress would be if you will be the only person in the bed.
    In reality few beds are returned but you can't make everyone happy.
    Most mattress retailers would not give you any refund at all.

  • Zh
      31st of Jan, 2008
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    Select Comfort has been around for a long time. I know from retail experience that some people tend to exaggerate the facts. I own 4 Sleep number Beds. Two are #5000 Queens and two are #3000 twin longs.

    Here are the facts.
    1. Yes it takes approximately 2 weeks or longer to receive it. Why? Because they are not pre-made and the delivery time depends on YOUR availability. If you are returning a bed, remember it tooks 2 weeks to get it. Why would it take less time for them to pick it up?
    2. Everyone loves to mention how much they paid for their bed but over half of them don't even know the model number of the bed they purchased. Which goes to show they probably didn't pay attention to the representative either!
    3. Just like after purchasing a new pair of shoes, it takes about 2 weeks for your feet to adjust to them. But unlike the shoes, your Sleep Number bed will need to be adjusted by what your body wants. You can leave it on one setting for 20 years or change it every night for 20 years. It is a brand new bed 365 nights a year, because you control it.
    4. Did you know that whatever happens 15 minutes before you get into bed determines what position you will sleep in? Change your sleep number accordingly. It is not carved in stone.
    5. While back sleepers and small children can be comfortable on the Sleep Number 3000 model, I have found that side/stomach sleeping adults and women, need the extra comfort layers of the #4000 and up. Especially if you weigh 125 lbs or more. This is because your body is wider than the #3000 is thick and since you are practically laying on the air chamber, you feel everything it does.
    6. If one person sleeps on 25 and the other sleeps on 85, you may experience a roll-into problem on the #3000 and #4000. But not on the 5/7/9000. The extra comfort layers nestle you in. All you have to do is call customer service and request a lift-kit.
    7. In most cases the chamber is not leaking. You can only set your sleep number while you are laying on the bed in your sleep position. You will see the "air pressure" when you are out of or sitting on the bed. When you get out of bed and lay back down it is normal to see a variation of +/- 5 or 10. This is because you will not be lying in the exact spot that you were before. The bed registers the number based on where you really are in the bed. (If you took a chalk outline of yourself, got out of bed and then tried to lay in the same spot, you can not.) If your bed IS leaking air, call customer service for a replacement.
    8. Every company that does same-as-cash financing shows you interest accrued on your statement. This is the amount you would be paying if you don't pay it off in time. Finance companies do this so it would not be a shock to you if you can't make that last payment in time.
    9. If you are upset about something you may have misinterpreted, do not remember being told or do not understand, do not call your consultant or customer service while you are angry. Give yourself a moment to breathe and collect your thoughts or write them down if necessary. You need to make your call with a clear head so that your issue can be addressed in a calm and timely matter.
    10. The Sleep Number is for sleep. Not for show! If you purchased the lowest price bed just to say you own one. Or the most expensive bed because you THINK it is the top of the line, you have no one to blame but yourself. The BEST bed is the bed that does what you need it to when you need it to. Listen to your body, not your ego. Let your body tell you what it wants and you will sleep very well and wake up refreshed.

    I hope these tips help to straighten a few things out. I do not work for the company. I am not an investor. I am an owner who listened to my consultant and tried the bed several times during different times of the day before I made my decision. My body wanted the #5000 and that's what I gave it. I love my bed and customer service has been excellent!!!

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