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I have been a customer of this cleaners since the day they opened. Peter and his mom run it. I bought a blouse from dress barn 2-1/2 years ago that has silver dots on the material. Dress barn sells these types of blouses year round. I purchase another blouse with a different print on it with the silver dots about 6 months ago. I have taken these blouses as well as other to this cleaners on a weekly cleaning. I picked up my blouse on April 15th and discovered the silver dots were missing and were the stitching caught them were the only ones left. The blouses are ruined. I took them back to show Peter and his mom 4/22/10 and she told me if I bought some more silver dots she would glue them back on for me. I didn't fell like I should be out any more for these 2 blouses and showed her & Peter the receipts for the blouses from Dress barn and I would like reimbursement for the ruined blouses. Peter informed me that they only reimburse when they loss clothes not ruin them. I told them I was finished as a customer and would not use there service anymore because of this. I paid them to clean not destroy my blouses. Peter informed me that he wasn't doing anything to justify this. I told him I would report his service and business so other customers would know ahead of time if he ruins their clothes instead of cleaning them that's too bad it all you are going to get. I turned them into the BBB and any others that can stop Cleaners like this. Maybe in their country this is the service they give to each other but it's not like this here in the USA. I am out $30.00 a blouse and $5.00 for cleaning. I want my refund of $65.00 to go back to Dress barn and replace the ruined blouses. Yes I have pictures showing before and after if you would like to see them. Please help me stop business like this one from doing business here in Houston, Texas and making people aware of the service they will get doing business with this Select Cleaners. They do not have their name on the receipts they give you nor do they have a listing in the phone book but here it is. Select Cleaners 8604 Hwy 6 Houston, Texas 77095. I goggled them and they don't exsist. HELP!

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  • Dr
      27th of Jul, 2010

    I understand you have been using the same cleaners for many years, but what customers do not know is that dry cleaners hire and fire new employee's everyday. they care about their employee's as much as they care about you. With that being said the person who was cleaning your blouses before most likely has been replace with someone with less experience. because your blouses should have been put in a special bag to protect your silver dots. and if they cared about their customers they would have fixed the problem before you picked up your blouses. The cleaners is responsible for replacing your blouses. if they refuse you can take your blouses back to the department store for a store credit because it is damaged. if you need help wtih this matter go to drycleansurvey and file a claim and we will press the issue for you and they should have refunded you for the cleaning. I have been in the dry cleaning industry for over 14 years trying to help put a stop to bad dry cleaners worldwide

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  • Be
      6th of Aug, 2011

    Wow, overreaction is all this is. I have had my clothes ruined at the cleaners before too, but I don't bring my receipt and make them refund the amount I paid for them at a department store. Maybe I'd ask that they compensate me by issuing a refund for the dry cleaning services and a store credit for future cleaning. If the cleaners acknowledged that your blouses were damaged while in their possession, and agreed to repair/fix the damage, I'd consider that acceptable. Demanding that they paid you the original amount that you paid for the blouse at Dress Barn is pushing it. Oh and by the way, it's very ignorant and shows your lack of understanding to target the behavior of the cleaners based on the country they came from. I find it amusing that you know how people of "their" culture behave towards one another seeing that you obviously did not originate there. This is one complaint that sounds like a racial issue the OP (original poster) had with the store owners, NOT solely based on their dissatisfaction of services. I wouldn't use this dry cleaning place either, but it sounds like the OP now has a personal vendetta against this place.

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  • Aw
      8th of Aug, 2014

    They gave my daughters brand new $75 shirt away to someone that they said looked like me. They do not use the numbers that they give you. My daughter was so upset it was going to be her back to school shirt. They gave me $30 and acted like it was not a big deal. I will never go back here. When I went to pick up the shirt she handed me several items that were not mine and I had to keep telling her that that stuff was not mine. I had to show her a picture of the shirt and she is the same lady who measured my daughter to have it taken in. The dishonest person who stole my daughters shirt should be ashamed of themselves. And this cleaners may need to hire someone who knows how to properly do their jobs.

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