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I paid for a 3 month coaching program with Seema for $6000. At the end of 2 months I had to end the relationship because it became unbearable to work with her anymore. The main issue was that I felt she never did any preparation or research into my business. It became apparent to me that she did not even take the time to look at my websites or linkedin page. It wasn't until the end of the first month that she became aware that I owned two additional businesses!
She offered me a $1200 refund, though she wanted to wait 50 days to initiate the refund.
I believe in business coaching and have worked with 2 other business coaches in the past. With working with Seema, my frustration level simply reached the boiling point.
I have learned my lesson as to not do business with people that offer no satisfaction guarantee whatsoever.
Seema may be a quality business coach for some people... though I did not feel the service was worthwhile at all, and after ending the contract 25 days ago, I still don't have any refund.
I told her to just keep the refund money and I don't want to be frustrated with her business practices anymore.

  • Resolution statement

    Seema did provide the $1200 partial refund shortly after I posted this. I consider this issue to be resolved and I would take down this complaint if I could.

Aug 05, 2016

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