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Seelye / Mistakes in Information when buying vehicle

1 United States

My husband and I bought a Dodge van from the Seelye-Wright Auto Dealership in Paw Paw, MI, eight days ago. When we purchased the vehicle we were told by the salesman, Troy, that the gas mileage we should expect was "about mid-thirties".

On Saturday four days after purchasing the vehicle, we were notified we owed the dealership $137 for a new plate. The reason was that other plate couldn't be transferred; however, one would assume a salesman would know whether a plate could be transferred or not.

On Monday, I went to the dealership to pay the fee for the new plate. I asked a manager why the salesman didn't know about the laws for transferring plates (since that law was passed three years age). I'm guessing when I say this but, he didn't like the question so he got really rude with me.

On Tuesday night I filled up my gas tank on my van and did the calculations. I AM GETTING @ 21 MPG! Lower then what I was told when purchasing the vehicle.

Wednesday morning I called and talked to the General Manager. I explained that I was getting 21 MPG and I was told when purchasing the vehicle that it would get mid-thirties. At first, I assumed there was something wrong with my van, as did he. I set up an appointment at 3 p.m. today and found out from the automotive tech that my van would not come close to 30 MPG, it would get 19-25 MPG. Upset my husband and I went to the General Manager wanting to know how they could sell us a vehicle under false claims. I told the manager we were lied to and in nicer terms we were told we bought the vehicle and mistakes happen. He called it human error. It's nice that he can make the mistake, but we pay for it.

We will NEVER purchase another vehicle from Seelye-Wright again. Be assured that I will tell everyone I know or come into contact with how I was treated and recommend that they never do business with Seelye-Wright. I believe the saying "Yes, we can", actually means yes we can, take your money and give you horrible service. This type of situation is the very thing that earns car salesmen and the dealerships bad reputations. It is very upsetting that Seelye-Wright employs people who treat hard-working decent people as we were treated.

After contacting the Better Business Bureau, I realized that salesmen can say anything they want to get you to buy a vehicle. This is a very expensive lesson to learn. Our only defense is to make them write down everything they say about the vehicle. Do not sign a contract without every detail included.


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