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Don’t ever do Business with Security Experts. We had nothing but trouble from the get go, After the quote that we had accepted, the salesman Jaco explained the lead time from payment, we then agreed to a date of the 30 January and then later the time of 11:00 am. I was working that weekend, so came home from work to get the guys started, NO ONE SHOWED. Phoning Jaco and asking where the installers where, He said he would find out and get back to me.
I then received an sms with a number from Jaco to phone the installer/team leader to find out myself what going on, as the customer, really?
Phoning Stewart, he was full of attitude and laughingly said sorry that he didn’t let me know that they were running late. He had so much attitude that I phoned Jaco and told him that if Stewart came onsite, that I would not let him in. I had to go back to work so rescheduled for the next week. More time off work!
When they pitched up again, they did not have all the material and this was now 2.5 weeks after deposit payment! No roof sheeting! They started with the structure and worked on off for 3 days to get it up. An install that was supposed to take one day! BUT THEY FORCED US TO PAY THE NEXT PORTION
No one phoned us to let us know what was going on. So as the client once again we had to phone the office to get an answer about when the sheets would arrive, this was the next problem, The woman that answered the phone told me that there was a supplier issue, no one let us know, this was almost a month after payment. I told her that this is unacceptable and would tell everyone I know that they should not do business with Security Experts.
I then phoned Hermanus, the owner, and he was aggressive towards me right from the start. He even called me the “Devil from the children’s bible” and that he was such a big Christian, eventually we came to an understanding ( still leaving me with no sheets!)
Murphy’s law then intervened and I was unavailable for 2 weeks. Getting back on Wednesday I sent Jaco a message asking when we could schedule again, he didn’t answer. Sent another message asking if he got the first message, no response
On Thursday I phoned him and he said he would speak to the office and get back to me, still waiting for his call.
On Friday, I once again, phoned the office to make arrangements and eventually spoke to Angeline.
I asked when we could finish and she said next week, I asked for Saturday and she said OK, I then asked if possible the next day Saturday. She then said I could phone at 08:00 and check if anyone would be available. I then asked if that means if someone would be coming and all we need to do is confirm the time. She said, No it would be to check if someone was available.
I then said lets confirm for the next Saturday, that then allows me to clear my day. She did not understand this concept and became very rude to me, enough, that I told her I was the client and she coulnd’t speak to me like that.
Putting down the phone, I phoned back and spoke to Hermanus, Once again he had to tell me that he was a Christian, couldn’t understand why I would not let his team work unsupervised. Telling me that he did not need to steal from me, because he had so much money in the bank. Blah blah blah.
So because he was sitting with most of our money I phoned Saturday morning and Angeline said there would be someone at 14:00
This team only showed at 15:30 and started work.
The work carried on until there compressor gave up around 17:00. He told me he had to go all the way back to Alberton to go get another, can just imagine how long that would have taken. Fortunately my neighbour lent me his.
Work continued and it became dark, eventually I was standing with them shining a torch so that they could see!
They finished around 19:30 and phoned the office, Angeline then told them I had to pay the last 10%.
Really, how do I sign off in the dark??
Once again Angeline was rude to me when I refused and would check in daylight only, she then said she was sending a foreman.
Feeling threatened, I phoned our security company for assistance, they arrived promptly and we waited. The team then left stating they were going to get food.
This was the last we saw of anybody.
After inspection finding some faults, we decided that it would be easier to never see these people again and paid the last 10%

Mar 10, 2016

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