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Security Associated International / Took money but got no services

1 2101 S. Arlington Heights RdArlington Heights, IL, United States

SAI took over my monitoring service after being sold from another company that had signed me up. The contract was a 3 year monitoring. 1 year through the contract my house was sold. I contacted SAI of this. When entering the contract I was told if the house sold I could suspend the contract until I moved into the new house and then proceed again in the new house. Sounded simple enough. Well not so. It has been a nightmare ever since. When I notified SAI of the sell they asked for the papers of the closing, which I sent. They asked for estimated time that new house would be ready to move into. I was told to fax over all of this and they would put the suspension through. I assumed that was all and it would be taken care of. But this was not the case. They never suspended the service, they continued to call when the house alarm went off. I did not even own this house at this time. I called several times each time the monitoring company called me on this, the person on the other line made a note and nothing was ever done. This continued on the entire time I was between houses. For about 3 months. All this time the monitoring fee was still being taken out of my checking account. When I moved into my new home on September 29 I called ASI to let them know I was ready for service to be started at the new house. They said would have a technition call to set up appointment. This never happened. I called serveral more times with the same results. All this time the monitoring fees were still being taken out of my checking account. Finally I got a call from Eugene Young who said he would be taking care of everything to get the alram service started. I thought finally this will get resolved. Wrong again. Eugene sent papers for me to sign through UPS and I sent them back omitting the copy that said customer copy. I assumed I was to keep this for my records. Another week passes and I called Eugene because I figured he should have received the papers by now. I was informed by Eugene that he could not proceed because he needed the cusotmer copy back too. Which made no since it did however have customer copy. He had two others. So I sent back the other copy. I called Eugene back a week later to see what the hold up was now. I was informed by Eugene that a local company would handle installation. I again thought okay we are getting there. Wrong again. I began the battle with this company on May 25, 2007. Today it is December 28, 2007 and still I have no monitoring service. However the monitoring fee has been coming out of my account all these months.

The installers finally came out today and I thought this was it, today we will resove this issue. However not the case. The parts they brought would not cover the areas as I had before. I have an alarm system installed by the builder of the new home. All windows and all doors are included. All ASI wanted to cover for monitoring was for 2 doors and one infrared. The old house had covered all area, glass breakage, cell back up, and all doors. This is not what I asked for. At this point I am completely finished. I want all my money returned that was taken during 6 months of no service or any satisfation to fix these issues. I also do not wish to do anymore business with this company and want to be relased from all monetary obligations to this company. They do not care about the safety of people or they would do what they are supposed to do as a security company. Provide monitoring for the security I have been paying for. In 6 months I have recieved NOTHING for the money I have paid to ASI. The customer service is horrible. The worst I have ever incountered from any business. No one seems to know what is going on.They should not be in the security business or any other one for that matter. I feel that all they want is the money and nothing else. Forget customer service or providing you service you are paying for. I will be contacting an attorney on these issues as well. I do feel my intrest has been handled very poorly and no one at ASI really cares. I have gone 6 months with no results. I DO NOT WANT TO HAVE ANY FURTHER BUSINESS WITH ASI. I manage apartments and I will let them all know never to do business with this company. I will tell my new neighbors if they come knocking on the door to slam it back quickly.


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