Securewatch ADT / Horrible Company to Work For

1 Knoxville, TN, United States

This is by far the worst company I have EVER worked for. I was amazed to see how uneducated most of the employees and management were. I worked in the corporate office in Knoxville, TN. This is mainly a call center based environment. Most of the people had horrible phone etiquette. They were not well spoken at all and sometimes I could barely understand what they were saying because of all the slang that was being used. I started out in the retention department, which was a brand new department. Clearly the supervisor has been misinformed as to what the word retention means. She came from a job where she was a hardcore collector. I heard people in this department telling CUSTOMERS to have a yard sale to pay their bill, and that if they didnt we would take them to court and put a leign on their property. Let me remind you, these are still securewatch customers that are being spoken to like this. These customers were not in collections or even cancelled out as customers. Thats not the worst part though. Since the beginning of the department the supervisor was allowing sertain people (eventually everyone) to cheat on their sales. If the corporate ADT had retained a Securewatch customer by getting them to make a payment, the supervisor would have a Securewatch employee to call in to get his or her name placed on the account and then they would claim it as a sale. By doing this I witnessed people getting 800-1200 commission checks and not earning anywhere near half of that. I cant possibly wrap my head around how the owner of the company just wrote the checks without investigating any of it. Yes, I am absolutely stating that the supervisor was doing nothing but stealing money, and allowing employees to do so as well, since it made her look good. I know these are big accusations, and I have proof. After she realized I wasn't going to play her game, she asked me to transfer departments. I hated the department I was transfered to and quit about 2 weeks later.


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