SUBMIT A COMPLAINT / Requiring credit when site is supposed to be free

Clicked on a ladies add from craigslist, her name was Amy Elena, supposedly?
Next thing I know, I am getting email from her, she instructs me to use her own email address. Then begins telling me her rules for setting up a date.
Well, as soon as I realized this must be a scam to get my credit card info, she was emailed back and told, "Have a good life."
Persistent she was, sending me provocative pictures, lurid language, promising to do whatever I wanted provided that I follow her explicit
directions and go to this website.
Deleted all the emails she had sent me pictures included.
So I say to anyone else beware of this scam, the people are not really going to meet you. She said she was 42, I am 66.
There should be laws against those individuals scamming people on the craigslist website for sure. thank you for reading.

Dec 01, 2016

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