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5 san jose, CA, United States

This company is terrible! Unethical, inconsiderate, selfish, useless Managers. They will send you to an account that they want to put you, if you don't like it there, too bad! They will just leave you there. They will not send you someplace better if you ask them to. However, if it will help them, however, they will pull you off the account you are on and send you someplace else with lower pay and worse work conditions and just make idiotic excuses about why they did it! They will not give you any reason why they removed you from the other account, that you were doing a good job at and you liked! They will just say something stupid like: We don't have to explain why we did it. You were just not right for that location. One location I was at and I didn't like at all, was a parking garage in Orlando. It was very hot and humid and then there was a ton of exhaust fumes all day. I told them I have Asthma and I was having breathing problems, from being outside in the intense heat, humidity and exhaust. However, they didn't care and just made excuses about why they couldn't send me to a different account. So I gave them a Doctor's note saying I should not be out in the heat all day and that I should be sent to an indoor location. But, again, they didn't care and ignored the doctors note! I told them that if I had any medical issues or if I died, they'd have to pay my medical bills. They said, "No we won't." However, the law says they would be responsible for my medical bills in that case, because I gave them a note from a Doctor and they ignored it! So I should have sued them for every penny they have! To make matters worse, they said they were going to give us a pay raise. However, instead they DECREASED everybody's pay from $9.00/hr to $8.75! That was just what they did to the guards. The Supervisors lost over $1.00/hr! Then, of course, they made stupid excuses about that to! Then a Supervisor informed everybody about what they did, stealing our pay, then the Managers wrote her up! Then everyone started talking trash about the company. They were just telling the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth so help them God! But the Managers got mad and started firing a lot of people. Everyone else just quit! Don't ever work for this company or you will regret it! They are a waste of your time! They don't care about your veteran status. Nor do they consider your experience or seniority in the company when they give promotions, pay raises or better work locations! I worked there for several years and only made$9.00/hr! But when a new employee came in with no experience, no military background or even a high school diploma, they were getting paid the same rate on their first day! I have been in the Army for Seven years, I took several Criminal Justice classes in college, graduated from high school, I had several years experience in the company, I did a good job and stopped several people from committing some serious crimes. I even spent a year serving our country in Iraq. All of that combined meant nothing to them! They still wouldn't give me any more money or send me to a better location! This company just doesn't care about their employees! SecurAmerica doesn't even deserve the one star I gave them! I wish I could give them 0 or negative one star! That is more than they deserve!
They used to give employees two paid sick days per year, but they took those away!
The company used to give everyone health and dental insurance, but each employee had to pay for 100% of it themself. The company didn't help pay for it. The insurance was pretty expensive and didn't cover much. So if you went to the hospital, the insurance was useless! You would still have to pay most of the hospital bill yourself!
Retirement plans? College tuition reimbursement? All other benefits you can possibly think of? FORGET IT!!! They never have and probably never will even consider offering them! They are way to lazy, useless and unethical!
One thing they are pretty good at though is making dumb excuses!
Advice to ManagementAdvice
Quit stealing people's money! Give people a raise once in a while! Respect people's medical conditions! Quit pulling people off accounts they like! GO READ THE FIRST AMENDMENT TO THE CONSTITUTION! Freedom of speech and freedom of the press! Start treating your employees like human beings, not pieces of trash! Give some GOOD company benefits.

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    good company to work for nothing bad was a bout them mis understand at this timethey do a long check on the people they hire and go form there

Sep 30, 2014

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