Secuity Asda Fareham / shop theft

1 England, Hampshire, United Kingdom

me and my partner did our shopping in asda in fareham afterwoods we left the store and we wrere caught outside in a public car park by secuity and told we did not pay for the goods we were arrsted and my car stayed at asda car park till 11pm that night this is not the first time this has happend to us but it is beyound a joke thre should be no secuity in asda at all they need to be tought a lesson on how to approch people. when you are outside in the carpark they cant touch you you have left the store but if they wanted to they could have stopped us in the froyer area or inside the store this to me is very very emberrinsing to me and my partner who is a diabitc she could have gone into a coma then what would they do nothing at all. get this sorted out for once and for all. it has put me and my partner off doing shopping in asda they are not cheap at all.

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