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Section-8 / Queens' 2 month transfer application process

1 Queens, United States Review updated:

Where would I have to go to complain about Section-8's Queens office. I have found an apartment in Manhattan, close to my school in January. But because of Section-8 round-about process dealing with paperwork, I just found out I had lost the apartment.
For example, when I went to Section-8, to drop off the paper work, the caseworker found errors therefore sending me to make another three week appointment. When I came back after three wks, with the corrected paperwork, she then found something else wrong with the lease, mind you, she should have told me this all at one shot, when I came in for the first appointment. Its not only me, but this is the norm practice with the majority of Section-8 recipients.

Can someone please offer suggestions? I'd greatly appreciate it.

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  • Ti
      17th of Mar, 2009
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    My mom is going through something very similar. She went to see her case worker for Sec 8 in Manhattan and was met by a very nasty secretary (if you will) and the supervisor! They actually told my mom (amongst other silly things) that she would have to go home and call back to make an appointment for a transfer voucher when she was standing right there! I told my mother that if that were a private company, your case would have been handled promptly. These city workers, boy! All they are is nasty to you, no compassion and they sit on their tuckases and get paid! Let the tables turn... So for now, my mom does not know whether she's coming or going with them and the bottom line is that she has to wait on them. Her landlord wants her out now! But her voucher has not even begun...What shall one do?

  • Ju
      12th of May, 2009
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  • Gr
      23rd of Jun, 2009
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    Not that this would happen, but just suppose that one day you decide to work and pay your bills on time and become credit worthy. Then suppose that you decide that you want to buy a house. Imagine that after 15 years of living in your own home you decide that you want to move up into a larger home. You decide that it is best to keep your first house until the market picks up and rent it out. You've even decided that - out of the goodness of your heart you will allow a Section 8 tenant to rent. Granted they have rotten credit and a poor rental history...but you assume all those nice rules and regulations you read in the Section 8 brochure are enforced. You know...the part that tells you how the tenants will be expected to keep up the home, follow rules, etc... They move in and you even allow them to make payments on the deposit. It all seems so nice until the tenant decides they see a better house near their buddy. Sure they have an annual lease...BUT they don't care. You assume that Section 8 will stand behind you and say "No Ma' must be responsible and honor your lease". Uh huh. You aren't even concerned when the tenant tells you that they will make sure that they get out of their watch and see. You scoff at their lack of ethics and assume that the rules will protect you. Over the next two months, you get calls from every local authority...the building code people, the health department, the housing name it. Why? Well the clever and empowered tenant has stabbed holes in the wall, broken your heating system, claimed that all of the sudden your house is full of pest (which by the way is tenant responsibility to keep it pest free). Never mind that the Section 8 people passed the house with flying colors 4 months prior. Never mind that you had professionals verify that your heating system was in working order. Forget the part where an exterminator comes out and does not find ANY evidence of pest. You are now embroiled in a witch-hunt because you made the decision to do business with HUD, Section 8 or any other housing authority. You are bullied into letting the tenant go...and by this time gladly. You keep the deposit to help defray the cost of tenant caused damage. Oh dear. Now she takes you to court...You think, alas - justice will come my way. You pack up all your letters from all the professionals who have verified what this horrible tenant did and the pictures and march into court. The tenant produces the letters from building code people and tells of how evil her landlord was to her...forcing her to live in substandard conditions. (Now I will take over because it happened to me.) I wait patiently as I have seen them do on TV knowing that in a minute the judge will talk to me and look at my documents and pictures and I will be vindicated. Nope. Judge Judy glared at me and told me that she would not look at any documentation that I had, that I should have bought the pest control company, the furnace company and the repair person with me! As my former tenant smirks at me, she awards the deposit back to my tormentor. She also rebukes me for even mentioning the fact that I found marijuana in the house and that she had her boyfriend living with her. Told me that was slander! Oh. Did I mention that I was a single mom who NEVER received child support and had to work 2 jobs to support my son and pay the mortgage on the house that I let the tenant rent from me? I never collected a welfare check, never had a housing subsidy and have no family help at all. I took out a student loan - not a grant - and worked full time, went to school full time and raised my kids. Took me 10 years to pay back my student loans...BUT, I did it. Now because I have an income and a car and a home, I am considered the oppressor. Geez.

    The system has created monsters who have a sense of entitlement like I have never seen before. You take my tax money (because YES I WORK) and hand it over to those most capable of working but who find it easier to milk the system and get the benefits. And the worst part is that those who work in the system KNOW IT and ALLOW IT and ENCOURAGE IT. I have many more stories that would seem unbelievable were it not for the proof I have.

    If you are going to use a "program", use one that gets you an education and a job.

  • Dr
      27th of Jun, 2009
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    I'm a section 8 recipient and I feel sorry for what you had encountered with the tenant from hell!!! Yes they're many of those individuals who like to take advantage of those who worked hard to achieve something in this dan age!!! But the matter of the fact is that now you have this grim outlook towards all section 8 recipient and again its not your fault!!! Just that please don't blame all of us for the individual that screwed u over trust me we are not all the same nor to blame. My land lady does not want me to move out her house due to us being good tenants, but to make a long story short, I need to get the hell out of Florida becuz the housing authority here sucks; the case worker appointed to me is rude and thinks her ### don't stink becuz she's behind her desk and I'm on the system, no work is available and I'm continuing to suffer, the TAFDC or Children and Family Department does not give enough food stamps for me and my kids to live on and I'm currently an online student majoring in managment that can't wait to graduate!!! I can't seem to concentrate on my studies due to the harrassement and ### that i go through in an everyday basis. So having that said, I trust that you are hurting and again I understand your frustration, but knowingly that we aren't all the same individual who milks the system.

  • Ni
      29th of Jun, 2009
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    That's what I want to know too! I am going tomorrow to Legal Aid to complain about them because they refused to give me an extension today and my voucher expires on July 13th.I went there twice with the transfer packet and both times they found something wrong with it.Get this, today it was refused because they said that the landlord's middle name on the deed has only the first initial and on the papers it's the whole middle name! God help us all!!!

  • Gr
      30th of Jun, 2009
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    Dear DROM:

    Thanks for being so kind as to respond to my position with understanding (as someone who has accepted Section 8 as a landlord). I am so sorry that you are going thru a hard time...I so totally understand as I was a single mom struggling all my life. If you want to come to Virginia, I would be glad to do what I could to find you a place. You are the type of person that I envisioned helping and still envision helping. May God bless you and meet your every need!


  • Bi
      27th of Aug, 2009
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    This is to Drom,

    Your very experience is the reason I sit here and have to pray through the bitterness I carry. I was married 8 years, have three kids and was honestly not prepared for the divorce at all. It took me four years to get section-8 help (after they dropped my name from the list twice while we were homeless for no apparent reason) and now that I have it, I understand a lot more.

    First, for a 'homemaker' who had her own business before marriage, it's not easy to take welfare of any sort. Furthermore, do you know how frustrating it is to try to look at places in decent areas with good schools...only to be denied the minute the words "section-8' come out of your mouth? It's gotten so bad, I started video taping my emmaculate apartment so I could show them I am clean and respectful of property! I've been sleeping on the couch for four years and I've had section-8 for a year and a half, and am still in my small place because we can't find a place with one more bedroom. I guess I just thought when landlords understood they'd get a large portion of the rent automatically it would be a simple thing. Apparently, tenants such as yours, who've learned how to manipulate the 'system' and abuse people, and those who have some sort of feeling of 'entitlement' to do this stuff...screw it up for moms like me. And yes, it pisses me off.

    Another thought while I read your post was that for both welfare and section-8...they mandate you to report ALL income and anything you have. How many cars, How many checking accounts, what's the balance, any student loans?, savings?, what's the car you drive? Is it over 10K, is your credit good?, because if it is your probably committing fraud somehow...How many kids? What is everyone's social? What's the fathers name? Do you share custody? How many days a year do you have the kids? Do you pay for childcare? Who do you pay it to? Where do they live, what is their number? Are your kids going to school full time? (if they are truent, you'll lose your welfare), Where do they go? Names, ages, birthdates, doctors & dentist contacts, welfare workers names and numbers, child support? How much? Any orders? For what? (nevermind your not getting the ordered amount), Disability? SSI?, Working? How many hours? Where? Number?, Address?, Win any lottos? Win any gifts? Accept any gifts? Get any inheritance?, Have any trust funds, bonds, IRA's, 401k's? Are you getting assistance from any other agency? Anyone in your home a registered sex offender? Anyone in your home convicted of anything other than a traffic violation?, Have you ever committed fraud?Do you have any cash on you? How much?, Do you anticipate receiving a lump sum payment in the next year other than tax refunds? Do you have whole life policies? Do you have real-estate? Hispanic or not get the point. When you answer "yes" to anything, you must then provide proof. Do you KNOW how many trees one of us must kill for help? Not only that, but the workers must be trained to make it as difficult as possible for those of us who are not bent on evil much so that portability and transfers take on a whole new hell of their own.

    Take for example, my current dilema of porting out of one city to another 10 miles away to be closer to the church. Found a GREAT home, with another bedroom and FAR below market rent. They cite &1645 maximum allowed, this house is $1100. So I go in and finally tell them, I want a portability packet. Simple right? not.

    "Well, we have to give you permission so I have to talk to my supervisor to get approval first...with the economy and all, if we have to pay even $200 more than what we're paying now, she'll deny it".

    I just looked at her, went home and researched. Found that because of the economy, HUD was given 3 BILLION more last year, and 10% MORE than THAT this year. Mind you, I don't feel "entitled", but I did pay taxes for many years and I need this, I'd really, really like to sleep on a BED. I called the city I wanted to move to, to ask about how it should work...they were confused when I relayed what I was told. First, my apartment is below what I am allowed because I could not find a larger place before my expiration ran I stayed instead of risking losing the voucher it took me four years to get. Next, I got the apartment on a 'lottery', which just meant the rent (which was normally $1100, dropped down to $700 just to rent it quickly. Once I signed the lease, it locked in the bottom-barrel price so they've hardly had to pay a thing! Nevermind that we lost stuff when our old apartment went up in flames from a faulty ceiling fan and a slumlord who didn't care. Nevermind that two months after that I lost my car in a flood, and then lost my management job. Nevermind that my ex-husband was making 6k a month and the child support office was sitting on the little they collected, sending it when they 'felt' like it and he was falling into "arrears" to the tune of over 40k. How can this be? Why does it seem that the very agencies that are designed to help people get ON their feet, are the very ones who seem to be sabotaging the help?

    So, then the worker tells me I'm approved after all...but that we suddenly only qualify for one LESS bedroom...I argue that with paperwork proving she's wrong...she changes her mind but now must change all the paperwork (you must know the rules to argue your rights on this program or you get the shaft), then she sends over the paperwork to the other city without adding my son, who she removed from the housing for no apparent reason. In the meantime, because he turns 18 next month, she insists that I have him sign an authorization letter for her 'file'. I promptly tell her we didn't do it because it sounded like fraud and I'll wait until he's 18 first. She didn't seem too happy. Somehow I got the distinct impression we'd have been kicked off the program with that move...especially when I read that he would sign and date "under the penalty of perjury" Why would she want to do that? To make matters worse, I get an SSI letter for my son, which states his check will be going to DHSS as "representative payee'...which makes no sense since he's turning 18 and needs a re-assessment to prove he's disabled or not. We'd already decided he would not go and therefore no 'label' could follow him into adulthood. Problem was, I gave the worker the copy of the letter and told her, "well our income has dropped because the SSI checks will stop". What does she say? "Oh no, it makes no difference where the checks go...they are still for him so we have to include it in YOUR INCOME. Wait a minute that legal?


    I don't know what other people imagine when they imagine welfare, but if I am the only voice you hear, hear me when I say, we are not all alike. Not all of us scheme to defraud someone, hurt someone, steal from someone or lie about someone. Not all of us wear welfare like a badge we've earned and have entitlement to. Not all of us buy steak and shrimp on foodstamps. Not all of us buy name-brand $100 dollar shoes with our welfare checks and not all of us do drugs, sell drugs or harvest drugs. Am I grateful for the help? Youbettcha...but the stress toll is causing chunks of my hair to fall into the drain daily.

    I'm going to college again, and have been living on student loans since 2006, determined NOT to go on welfare. Someday I'll be off Section08...but NOT because they helped me get ahead, only because I had more fortitude and determination than others. I'll be damned if I will let them dictate who I am, where I live, what I earn, how it's spent and what I own...indefinitely. Healthy fear is a motivator, bitterness is not. Forgive your last tenant, forgive yourself for any feelings of "shoulda, woulda, coulda" and get back to being the landlord most of us would kill to have.


  • Bi
      27th of Aug, 2009
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    Oh and one more thing...

    when I told my manager I was moving and handed them my notice...her eyes got big and she said, "No!, don't move, we don't want you to move!"

    Even being late with my rent 3 times in four years...and they still consider me a good tenant. Imagine. A Section-8 tenant someone want's to KEEP!

  • Sw
      3rd of Sep, 2009
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    I am a disabled single mother of 4 children. We share one room in my mother's home that I am very thankful for. I have a rare form of Muscular Dystrophy called Cytoplasmic Body Myopathy. Before my disability, I was a elementary school teacher for 7 years, 4 years with the Richmond Public Schools system. I have been on the Section 8 waiting list for over 5 years, so when I finally received notice that I could possibly move, I was ecstatic. I finally received my voucher July 25, 2009 with a expiration date of September 20, 2009. I immediately started looking for housing because I knew it would not be any easy process due to my disability. I looked high and low and I was unable to find a house, especially in the area where I wanted to be. It was especially hard to find a house for five that wouldn't need extensive work to make it accessible for me. Finally on August 4, 2009, a house was advertised on Craigslist that was only 3 min. away from my current address. I called the Landlord and we quickly hit it off, she was very accommodating and was open to having me and my four children live in her home and she would allow me to modify the house so that it would be accessible for me. So we started the leasing packet with RRHA. The leasing specialist that I was assigned to Donna Williams has not been available since August 15th. You can call her at 804-780-4151 and listen to the very unprofessional message that is on her phone. She has had that same message on there since the week of August 10th, just changing the week dates. We finally get the leasing packet complete and turned in on August 24, 2009. I received a message from Vonnie Farmer on August 25, 2009, telling me that my packet was received and that as soon as it was processed, she would get back to me. On August 26, 2009, Mrs. Farmer called me back and told me that the unit was found unaffordable and that the landlord had to agree to the lower price. On August 27, 2009, the landlord contacted Mrs. Farmer to get the fax number but her calls were never returned. The landlord finally faxed in the letter for the lowered rent on August 29, 2009. I have called and left about 3 messages on Mrs. Farmer's voice mail since August 30, 2009, just trying to make sure that she received the letter so we could proceed with the process. Mrs. Farmer finally calls me back today, September 3, 2009 at 8:05am and guess what?

    They stopped funding for the program on Friday, August 28th, 2009 at 12:00. I am distraught. I don't understand why it took them a week to contact me. I have been packing for over 2 weeks.

  • Gr
      2nd of Oct, 2009
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    I am so sorry that those of you who truly need assistance are being treated this way. RRHA is known to be corrupt and incapable. No one ever looses their voucher because they do not enforce the rules...thus, people like yourself that are legitmate can never get their voucher. No one ever gets kicked off...regardless. Resources for Independent Living is also corrupt. They scam on landlords to get "help" for their clients and will lie, bully and misrepresent themselves to acheive what they want. Louise - a counselor there has knowingly used landlords who thought they were helping someone in need. She time and again allows her "clients" to stiff landlords, tear up property and break lease agreements. These organizations make ACORN look like a Sunday school class. Sad thing is that legitimate people like those who have commented on this page will get overlooked because of scammers who are allowed to stay on the system. Landlords are catching on now and there is a grass roots movement to black ball all Section 8 tenants from their properties. Guess the gov't will have to build buildings themselves after a while.

  • Ro
      9th of Feb, 2010
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    I have to say that I agree with every post I have read on here. I myself am going through something very similar right now. I found a place to move to that was a sure thing back in early January, which I was told to give my landlord 60 days notice. Now I did that sent him a letter to sign which he did not sign the second paper, but did sign a letter from the new landlord of the new unit I wish to move to and acknowledges that I want to move. Now, I faxed information about the new unit such as all the details from off of the real estate website it is listed on, the utility allowable worksheet stating what the utilities are and what all I would be responsible for you name it. Well after a few days my worker did not reply back to me, so I called, still no answer, so I went to the office and was told that she did not know if it would be approved because she did not know what my income was. So, I went home and downloaded the HUD worksheets to calculate my household income for what was current, and with my 17 year old daughters income, faxed it, and after several days still no reply after a couple of calls and messages left. Now, I have been on this since January, these people have given me a proposed lease dated for March 1st, and are willing to even wait a little longer, but damn how long does section 8 think someone will hold a place? This house is on a safe street, safe area, walking distance to stores and public transportation, and the house is affordable, which was completely rehabbed with brand new everything, new carpet, walls, freshly painted, 3 bed / 2 full bath, all stainless steel appliances, washer & dryer, very clean. The 2 bed apartment I am in in always failing something every year that is the landlords responsibility cause the place is very old, and repairs are not done correctly, and the crime rate is crazy, the online reviews about the place speaks for itself. I am a single mother of 2, going to school to get a degree in Computer Science to better myself, and have been out of work due to health reasons for a while, but I try and its hard to do it all alone. It hurts to be looked down on because you have rental assistance and your constantly being compared with the people who are out there using the system for the wrong reasons...its not fair . I have lived in the same unit since 7/1999 and have never been late or behind in my rent or bills. But no matter what it seems like the good people are suffering. I know of a lot of people who do not have section 8 that are horrible tenants that are dirty and destroy places. I hat the fact that when I go to look at a place or call a place and once I mention rental assistance, the landlords respond with " Oh, sorry I heard that those people are drug users, or dirty, and are trouble" . It depends on the family or person and how they live. Most people say that my home is furnished very nice, and I keep my place spotless with kids.Fir landlords out there, I feel the best thing to do is when interviewing a potential tenant, make an appointment to drop by the tenants home to see how they live and then judge for yourself.And with the economy the way it is an people losing jobs left & right, a good section 8 tenant would mean that you are guaranteed to get your rent every month even if the tenants income went down cause section 8 automatically pays you rent every month.

  • Mi
      21st of Apr, 2012
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    I am a section 8 housing voucher recipient. It pisses me off that people are abusing the system. I am a former Marine. I served in Operation desert storm, in Bosnia and Somolia. I have done peace keeping tours in Poland, Panama and many other places. I was a single parent that left my 2 small children to serve overseas. I was injured on a deployment in Bosnia and was HONORABLY released from service. I live in Richmond and am finding a hard time finding a place to rent. I am not a bum, or a welfare recipient, I don't do drugs, my son is a good student in the ROTC program at school and with the exception of low c in geometry makes very good grades. I am just looking for a safe place for myself my son and my disabled. If anyone can help me please contact me Thank You!

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