Section 8 Hpd / Harrassment

1 100 Gold street, Manhattan, NY, United States
Contact information:
Phone: 9175731693

I'm reaally tired of HPD harrassing me trying to take away my section 8 from me and my daughter they have sent me another letter of lies stating that I haven't turned in my section 8 Package when I've done everything they have asked and what I didn't bring they gave me an appointment to bring in extra documetation now I've been to a fair hearing and was totally insulted and humiliated by the gentlemen that did the hearing they want me to put a daughter of mine on my section 8 when she doesn't even wants to live with me they come and checjk on me because I'm very ill and is soon to go for an operation Sectiion 8 HPD really needs some looking into and investigated on why do they do these things to people I've had section 8 for almost 11 years and have payed my rent other than the share of section 8 I'm tired of being abused by them they have no respect for human beings and they do not help the way they are supposed to why must I be threaten to be put in the street and made homeless when I;m paying rent they also sent me a letter to get help from Bronx works section 8 is paying a share of the rent and I'm paying mine and I owe them nothing no paper work nor anything else I wish someone out there will help me with this situation because somebody is confused at HPD

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