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I have been out of my home since 2/28/14 due to my land lord not fixing a broken pipe; I called section 8 I called landlord no one does anything. I go to the dept all of a sudden I need to move emergency . I have been taking care of my family since on my own . They provided no housing nothing. These people are crazy, they gave me a voucher and said look for a place how rude :(

May 6, 2014
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  • Mk
      6th of May, 2014

    Section 8 is a funding outfit for low income people... They do NOT look for places for you to live.

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  • Jo
      6th of Oct, 2015

    why does it take section 8 a long time to complete a transport transfer when I am on a time limit ?

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  • Jo
      6th of Oct, 2015

    why does it take section 8 a long time to complete a portability transfer, when MY TIME IS RUNNING OUT.SECTION 8 is going to make me lose my apartment because they are taking to long to finish or to complete the paper work.IT shouldn't take that long .all they need is about two weeks to finish this process and let me be on my way out. BUT section 8 do not want to take on the responsibilities of a voucher holder losing they apartment, but it is their fault on the matter. Section 8 needs to speed up the process on people work. Please take the time to help this matter in any way you can. THANK YOU FOR HEARING ME OUT ON THE MATTER.

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  • Sh
      7th of Oct, 2015

    To;whom it may concern i shonda gillum is curently out of a place to stay do to the neglact of section 8
    on doing there part as in makeing shore all clients documents or in place do to being unorganized
    and lake of unity and careing enoght to help resolve the problem me and my children had to be homeless
    not very good at all me and my youngest one had to go from shelter to shelter house to house car was taken
    out of a job sometimes no place to go we lost furniture family dog and famly being seperated from each other
    even lost of contect do to sectoin8 it has been on going sence 2008 I'm asking you to look into this case
    i would like for you all to be very understanding to what has happend to use and one of the years in this time frame
    someone was living in my home wail we we;er homeless my client number is # 000034802 voucher number 149559
    my last voucher was issued out on 07/25/2014 expiration date 09/23/2014 date extension expires 11/22/2014
    .thank for your understanding P.s my phone number is 615-480-0546

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