Secret Of Himalayan / Prices & defects

During our 5th year Anniversary in Miami (I am from Canada), we went for shopping in Aventura Mall.
I usually keep my iphone & immediately check reviews or other options before purchasing products if I have any doubts. Except I did not have an access for the internet at that time.
The salesman showed us the Goji facial peel (99$, which is NOT a bad product) & eye cream (195$). He even showed me their company website. We were going to walk away, of course, he asked us where we were from. He was supposed he felt bad then he said he would give me “Goji peel” for free to try, he would only charge me 150$ for the eye-cream.
Yes, I bought it. & I don't know why I did it because with the money I could've bought better quality well known products instead of products I've never heard of.
After coming back to Canada, I checked reviews.
I found out that you can buy the Goji facial peel (99.95$)for 34$, eye serum (199.95$) for 46$ on-line.
And the eye cream turned out like this. ( Pls, check the image)
How can they sell this kind of crap in shopping malls??? Very disappointing.
I've always appreciated people's reviews to help me to make right decisions.
And this is my turn.

Secret Of Himalayan

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