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Secondmeta/ Mindy Wallis / Wrongful Termination

1 Austin, TX, United States Review updated:

My complaint is focused toward my so called HR Manager Mindy Wallis. After being a dedicated employee since the company started I was wrongfully terminated after filling out a wage claim form. I only filled out the form after being denied overtime pay. I also have had a hard time cashing my paychecks b/c there was never any money in the account to do so, which required me to go to a money box where I would have to pay a fee. This would happen every payroll Friday. Anyone knows it is illegal to fire someone for no reason and with out warning. I highly recommend this situation is looked into for I know I am not the only one this has happened to. Thanks

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  31st of Jul, 2009
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Pay and Policies - General

the basic rule of Texas employment law is employment at will, which applies to all phases of the employment relationship - it means that absent a statute or an express agreement (such as an employment contract) to the contrary, either party in an employment relationship may modify any of the terms or conditions of employment, or terminate the relationship altogether, for any reason, or no particular reason at all, with or without advance notice

exceptions: other than statutes and express agreements, the only significant exception to employment at will is the "public policy" exception, i.e., no termination or adverse job action against an employee in retaliation for the employee having refused to commit a criminal act on the employer's behalf

thus, in an employment at will state, and to a lesser extent in other states, employers may develop and change personnel policies, reassign employees, and change such things as work locations, schedules, job titles, job descriptions, pay, and other aspects of jobs at will

Texas is also a right to work state - under the Texas right to work laws (§§101.052-.053, Texas Labor Code), employment may not be conditioned or denied on the basis of membership or non-membership in a union

in almost any kind of employment claim or lawsuit, it will help to be able to point to clear written policies and to state that employees are notified of the standards to which they will be held

secret policies are useless – employees should of course have access to whatever policies will apply to them - an unknown policy cannot be used against an ex-employee in an unemployment claim or any other kind of employment-related claim or lawsuit

taken from twc site -

  3rd of Aug, 2009
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All the same company under Christian Hunter

Located at N. Lamar Blvd in Austin TX

They're scammers and they even scam their own employees.

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